Western Front’s archives are inextricably entwined with our programming. Having taken root from the early efforts of Kate Craig and other Western Front founders who embraced new technologies to document performance and create independent media art productions, the archives have continued to grow since 1973 and record almost all of Western Front’s initiatives dedicated to the production and presentation of contemporary art. The archives act as our institutional memory and a resource to be reactivated through research, artistic engagement, and public access.

The archives contain nearly 2,000 video tapes and 500 audio recordings on magnetic media; approximately 30 meters of textual and graphic material; legacy technical equipment; performance props and costumes; and original artworks. Distinct from Western Front’s institutional records and documentation, Western Front has acquired the Kate Craig fonds, Hank Bull collection, and the Knights of the Pythias collection.


Western Front’s archives are located at 303 E 8th Ave, Vancouver and are open by appointment to all researchers on Thursdays and Fridays. Please contact our archivist, Anna Tidlund, to plan your visit.

Browse the archival holdings via our database below. The current contents of this site are a work in progress and reflect a small portion of available archival material. We are working on migrating and updating our data for online use and publication. We encourage you to reach out to us with further questions, comments, and research requests.

You can still browse Western Front’s legacy website here for further details about past events and programs.

Use and Permissions

If you are interested in using archival material for purposes other than private research and study, the request may be subject to a fee and further inquiry. Fees can be applied to requests related to exhibitions, loans, and reproductions, whether online, digital, or in print. Contact us for further details on your request.

If you appear in an online record, you have the right to request this material be taken down from our website. Please note that we may ask for additional information to better understand your request.

Dear Friends &: Elisa Ferrari, River Halen, Kaie Kellough
Jul 4, 2024 Performance
Elisa Ferrari, River Halen, Kaie Kellough
Sakina Abdou with Dylan van der Schyff
Jun 27, 2024 Talk
Sakina Abdou, Dylan van der Schyff
DJ O Show with Gillian Thompson
Jun 26, 2024 Talk
DJ O Show, Gillian Thomson
Peter Knight, Daniel Wilfred, David Wilfred with Meredith Bates
Jun 25, 2024 Talk
Meredith Bates, Peter Knight, David Wilfred, Daniel Wilfred
Shahzad Ismaily with Julia Úlehla
Jun 24, 2024 Talk
Shahzad Ismaily, Julia Úlehla
The New Improvisers Studio
Jun 24 — 28, 2024 Rehearsal, Workshop
Matthew Ariaratnam, Sakina Abdou, Meredith Bates, Alejandro Bryce, Seraphina Crema Black, Kit Colajacomo, Claire Devlin, Aviva Endean, Mika Elkuf-Warthe, Emma Engdahl, Ruben Gregg, Mili Hong, Olivier Hart, Shahzad Ismaily, Peter Knight, Sunny Kim, Peggy Lee, Jack Lee, Quinn McDonald, Sebastian Tulai, Matt Udry, Harmeet Kaur Virdee, Dylan van der Schyff
Co-Motion Single Field Instrument
Nov 17 — 18, 2023 Performance
Nour Mobarak
Jul 21 — 22, 2023 Performance
Ash Fure, Okwui Okpokwasili, Samita Sinha
Another time, this time, one time
Sep 23, 2020 Talk
Justin Hicks, Steffani Jemison
Mepalu Sari (Essence of a Collision)
Aug 1 — 31, 2020 Media Artwork
Maria Alvarez, I Kadek Anggara Dwianta, Ben Berardini, Ida Bagus Pradnyananta Arimbawa, I Kadek Bagas Suryadinata, Aysha Dulong, Sarah Davachi, I Kadek Diva Nanditya, I Putu Diva Adi Pradana, Scott Gailey, Bianca Greco, I Komang Galang Widnyana, I Kadek Hendra Dwiantara, Jack J, Pande Komang Gede Triadi Ditya, Ethan Lum, Minimal Violence, Mela Melania, Ashley Musa, I Gede Mei Sutrisna Yasa, Denis Petrov, I Made Panji Pradnya Adi Kusuma, Made Pande Gangga Sentana, Kaylan Rath, I Putu Restu Andika, Rohini Soedhwa, Tegan Wahlgren, I Kadek Wahyu Baskara Dewangga
Concert by Tony Wilson and Burn Down the Cornfield
Dec 7, 2019 Concert, Performance
Tony Wilson
Social Impact Assessment: Music Research Strategies with John Brennan
Oct 29, 2019 Workshop
John Brennan, Kor Kase, E. Kage, Dae Shields, Marshall Trammell
Indexical Moment/um: Solidarity (Cooperative) Economics Conduction System
Oct 24, 2019 Workshop, Concert
John Brennan, Marshall Trammell
Music Research Strategies Performing Political Education (Towards a Solidarity Economics Conduction System for Improvisers)
Oct 17 — 29, 2019 Residency
Marshall Trammell
Insurgent Learning Workshop: Solidarity (Cooperative) Economics Conduction System 
Oct 17, 2019 Workshop
John Brennan, Marshall Trammell
Talk by Black Quantum Futurism and Adam Rudder
Sep 14, 2019 Talk
Camae Ayewa, Rasheedah Phillips, Adam Rudder
Performance by Black Quantum Futurism
Sep 14, 2019 Performance
Black Quantum Futurism
Tim's Success Story
Sep 11, 2019 Screening, Talk
Gabi Dao, Liam Johnstone, Jennifer Laiwint
Agile Futures: “Approaches”
Jun 23, 2019 Talk
Eunhye Jeong, Beau Stocker
Agile Futures: “Convergences”
Jun 23, 2019 Talk
Stacey Bliss, Patrick o'Reilly, Laura Swankey
Agile Futures: Screening of “The Invaders”
Jun 23, 2019 Screening, Talk
Arish Khan, John B. Smith
Agile Futures: Artist Talk by Darius Jones
Jun 23, 2019 Talk
Darius Jones
Agile Futures: Approaching Improvisation
Jun 22 — 23, 2019 Program
Meredith Bates, Stacey Bliss, Mats Gustafsson, Jay Hammond, Eunhye Jeong, Darius Jones, Kristen Lewis, Catherine Lee, Patrick o'Reilly, Sara Ramshaw, Tom Scholte, Beau Stocker, Laura Swankey, Michael Wallace, Jing Xia
Agile Futures: "Agilities"
Jun 22, 2019 Talk
Jay Hammond, Warren Mansell, Tom Scholte, Michael Wallace
Agile Futures: "Futurities"
Jun 22, 2019 Talk
Catherine Lee, Kristen Lewis, Sara Ramshaw
Agile Futures: Artist Talk by Meredith Bates
Jun 22, 2019 Talk
Meredith Bates
Agile Futures: Artist Talk by Mats Gustafsson
Jun 22, 2019 Talk
Mats Gustafsson
Agile Futures: Artist Talk by Jing Xia
Jun 22, 2019 Talk
Jing Xia
Mar 23, 2019 Performance
S F Ho, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Marién Vélez
That which identifies them, like the eye of the cyclops
Mar 22 — May 4, 2019 Exhibition
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
Concert by Gyan Riley
Mar 8, 2019 Concert, Performance
Gyan Riley
Pacific Crossings: Erin Gleeson
Feb 20, 2019 Talk
Erin Gleeson
Pacific Crossings: Shen Xin
Feb 17, 2019 Talk
Shen Xin
Stan Douglas and George Lewis in Conversation
Feb 16, 2019 Talk
Stan Douglas, George Lewis
Octophonic: Sound Immersion
Feb 7, 2019 Concert, Performance
Yu Su
Jan 19 — Feb 23, 2019 Exhibition
Stan Douglas
Dec 14 — 15, 2018 Concert, Performance, Media Artwork
Kiran Bhumber, JP Carter, Nancy Lee
Concert by Ida Toninato, Émilie Girard-Charest, and NOW Society Ensemble
Nov 2, 2018 Concert, Performance
Émilie Girard-Charest, Ida Toninato
Julian Hou in Residence
Oct 1, 2018 — Jan 1, 2019 Residency
Julian Yi-Zhong Hou
Sep 28, 2018 Performance, Concert
Kiran Bhumber, JP Carter, Nancy Lee
The Foreshore Listens
Sep 26, 2018 Gathering
Vanessa Campbell, S F Ho, Sarah Moore, Dan Pon
Concert by Darius Jones Quartet featuring Emilie Lesbros
Sep 21, 2018 Concert, Performance
Darius Jones, Emilie Lesbros
lilithlithlithlithlithlith: through spiral upon spiral of the shell
Sep 19, 2018 Performance
Elisa Ferrari, Victor Mazón Gardoqui, Leah Weinstein
Monologues: patriarchal traditions and the New Age
Sep 12, 2018 Performance
Deborah Edmeades
Temporal Drum Set Concert
Jun 26, 2018 Concert, Performance
John Brennan
I Don’t Get It: The Work of Aleesa Cohene
Jun 26, 2018 Gathering
Christina Knight
I Don't Get It
May 25 — Jul 27, 2018 Exhibition
Aleesa Cohene
Sonic Playground Celebrates BC Youth Week
May 1 — 5, 2018 Exhibition
These Hands
Mar 23 — May 5, 2018 Exhibition
Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Chandra Melting Tallow, Laura Huertas Millán, Flora M’mbugu-Schelling, Jeneen Frei Njootli, The Berwick Street Film Collective, Tania Willard
45th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 3, 2018 Gathering
Kim Kennedy Austin, Mike Bourscheid, Duncan Campbell, Dawn Cerny, Steven Cottingham, Gabi Dao, Christos Dikeakos, Deborah Edmeades, Elisa Ferrari, Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, Maria Hupfield, Steffani Jemison, Elizabeth McIntosh, Jason McLean, Eric Metcalfe, Cindy Mochizuki, Gailan Ngan, Laura Piasta, Tess Rafael, Jimmy Robert, Genevieve Robertson, Marina Roy, Kathleen Ritter, Carol Sawyer, Reece Terris, Charlene Vickers, Meichen Waxer
Deborah Edmeades in Residence
Mar 1 — Apr 30, 2018 Residency
Deborah Edmeades
the-possible- impossible-thing-of-sound: Performance of “Inside Us”
Feb 8, 2018 Concert, Performance
Juliet Palmer
lilithlithlithlithlithlith: CFRO Broadcast
Feb 7, 2018 Performance
Elisa Ferrari, Brady Marks
the-possible-impossible-thing-of-sound: Inside Us
Feb 2 — 10, 2018 Installation
Juliet Palmer
going to go out now
Jan 19 — Feb 24, 2018 Exhibition
Juliette Blightman, Ellie Epp
The Chorus publication
2018 Publication
Dan Starling
the-possible-impossible-thing-of-sound: pulses // patterns
Dec 8 — 13, 2017 Installation
George Rahi
Concert by Ellwood Epps and Vicky Mettler
Nov 16, 2017 Concert, Performance
Ellwood Epps, Vicky Mettler
the-possible-impossible-thing-of-sound: Breeze
Nov 3 — 8, 2017 Installation
Cathy van Eck
Space, Race, and Place: Transforming Redevelopment, Part 1
Oct 24, 2017 Talk
Anthonia Ogundele, Adam Rudder, Vanessa Richards, Josh Robertson, Cornelia Wyngaarden
Slow Wave Pt. 2 and Here Nor There Season One Podcast Launch
Oct 13, 2017 Gathering, Installation
Gabi Dao, Michelle Helene Mackenzie
Live Bienniale: Maiko Jinushi and Nile Koetting
Oct 4, 2017 Performance
Maiko Jinushi, Nile Koetting
Sound of Desires and first, class
Oct 4, 2017 Performance
John Brennan, Maiko Jinushi, Nile Koetting
New Forms Festival Workshops
Sep 30, 2017 Workshop
Sammy Chien, Cindy Li, Stacey Marie, Nazlie Najafi, Marisa Olson, Patti Schmidt, Katayoon Yousefbigloo
Performance by Steffani Jemison and Justin Hicks
Sep 22 — 23, 2017 Concert, Performance
Let me help you do it yourself
May 28, 2017 Workshop
Tom Whalen
Slow Wave Pt. 1
May 14 — Jun 4, 2017 Program
Gabi Dao
It For Others
May 13, 2017 Screening
Duncan Campbell, Jordan Wilson
Sonic Playground Celebrates BC Youth Week
May 1 — 6, 2017 Installation
Alanna Ho, Nathan Marsh, Marc St. Pierre, Pietro Sammarco, Nancy Tam
SOE Creative Prison Solutions: alt-2017#ThinkFastDieLess @learn2sayyes ¯_()_/¯
Apr 2, 2017 Workshop
Terminal 4.0: State of Exceptional Webnation
Mar 23 — May 11, 2017 Installation
Desearch Repartment, Jean-Paul Kelly
Archives Live!
Mar 22, 2017 Talk
Lorna Brown, Marcia Crosby, Kay Higgins
John Hupfield's Woodlands Indian Art + West Coast Indian Art
Mar 17 — Apr 29, 2017 Exhibition
Maria Hupfield
Concert by VOICE OVER mind Choir featuring Julia Úlehla and Bill Young
Mar 9, 2017 Concert, Performance
Aram Bajakian, Robyn Jacob, VOICE OVER mind Choir, Bill Young, Julia Úlehla
44th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 4, 2017 Gathering
Colleen Brown, Vanessa Brown, Jennifer Chan, Tyler Coburn, Barry Doupé, Jessica Gnyp, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Meg Hubert, Oliver Husain, Emily Hill, Antonia Hirsch, Allison Hrabluik, Instant Coffee, Christian Kliegel, Jean-Paul Kelly, Keith Langergraber, Tanya Lukin-Linklater, Jordan Milner, Paul Mathieu, Al McWilliams, Bridget Moser, Marisa Olson, Ciara Phillips, Dan Phillips, Corin Sworn, The Raiders, Neil Wedman, Olivia Whetung, Katy Young
Practices of Everyday Life: Cooking
Feb 23 — 24, 2017 Performance
Tony Chong, Jérôme Delapierre, Navid Navab
Performance by Jimmy Robert
Jan 24, 2017 Performance
Jimmy Robert
Wanna talk about reading?
Jan 20 — Mar 4, 2017 Exhibition
Jimmy Robert
Terminal 3.0: Cyberspace
Jan 19 — Mar 9, 2017 Installation
Nation To Nation, Mikhel Proulx, Skawennati
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 2 — 4, 2016 Gathering
AW by Andrea Wong, Maggie Boyd, Carrall Street Canvas Co., Coral + Cloud, Cumulus Project, Draw Me A Lion, Tony Dubroy, Explorer's Press , Fieldwork, Forest & Waves, Fleet Objects, Fable Naturals, Henderson Dry Goods, Hendrik Lou, Gailan Ngan, Nepheliad, Osmics, Paperbacknote, Perro Verlag, Rogue Florist, Anita Sikma, Simply Read Books, Strathcona Stockings, Scout & Catalogue, Erin Templeton, Thistle Town Toys, The Capilano Tea House, WarmAndDrift, Wasted Effort, Woodlot, tuk + milo
New Ways of Having
Nov 11 — Dec 17, 2016 Exhibition
Lis Rhodes, The Impressions, Olivia Whetung
Terminal 2.0: Graphical User Interface
Nov 10, 2016 — Jan 7, 2017 Installation
Barry Doupé, Clint Enns, Amy Lockhart, Marisa Olson, Mark Pellegrino
Wave Equation series
Nov 3 — Dec 8, 2016 Program
About the Neganthropocene and its Economy
Oct 18, 2016 Talk
Bernard Stiegler
Scrivener's Monthly: Lynell George and Julia Meltzer Discussing Radio Imagination
Oct 16, 2016 Talk
Lynell George, Julia Meltzer
Reading by Tiziana La Melia
Oct 1, 2016 Reading, Performance
Tiziana La Melia
Asymmetrical Response
Sep 9 — Oct 22, 2016 Exhibition
Cory Arcangel, Olia Lialina
Talk with Cory Arcangel, Allison Collins, Caitlin Jones, Shauna Jean Doherty, Olia Lialina, Olivia Meek, and Pablo de Ocampo
Sep 9, 2016 Talk
Cory Arcangel, Allison Collins, DJ regularfantasy, Shauna Jean Doherty, Caitlin Jones, Olia Lialina, Pablo de Ocampo
Terminal 1.0: Programmed Poetry
Sep 8 — Oct 29, 2016 Installation, Performance
Brion Gysin, Tiziana La Melia, bpNichol
Sep 1, 2016 — May 31, 2017 Program
Tales of Love and Fear
Jun 29, 2016 Screening, Installation
Lucy Raven
Family Day
Jun 8, 2016 Gathering, Workshop
Cut Loop Assemble, Kara Hansen, Lisa Cay Miller, Kathleen Taylor, Marguerite Witvoet
Isla Santa Maria 3D
May 20 — Jun 30, 2016 Exhibition
Oliver Husain
Monument to the Vanquished Peasants
May 15 — Aug 1, 2016 Installation
Holly Ward
Scrivener's Monthly: Antonia Hirsch Talking About Elements - Celestial, Material, Ideal - Magically Ordering Chaos Into Constellations
May 12, 2016 Talk
Antonia Hirsch
cheese whizdom: Spoken Word and Music
May 7, 2016 Concert, Performance
Adam Gough, Elisa Thorn
Concert by Cut Loop Assemble
May 3, 2016 Concert, Performance
Cut Loop Assemble
Sonic Playground Celebrates BC Youth Week
May 2 — 13, 2016 Exhibition, Program
Burnaby North Secondary, Cut Loop Assemble
Youth Voices / Youth Faces
May 2 — 13, 2016 Exhibition
88 Tuned Bongos: Anthony Davis LP release and Concert
Mar 24, 2016 Concert, Performance
Anthony Davis
Cold Friends, Warm Cash
Mar 18 — Apr 30, 2016 Exhibition
Ciara Phillips
88 Tuned Bongos Piano Series continued
Mar 10 — Apr 1, 2016 Program
Bass Piano V Installation
Mar 9 — Apr 2, 2016 Exhibition
Andrew Wedman
43rd Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Feb 27, 2016 Gathering
Assemble, Hank Bull, Shary Boyle, Patrick Cruz, Barb Choit, Mark DeLong, Luke Fowler, Maggie Groat, Zoe Kreye, Katie Lyle, Arvo Leo, Anne Low, Annie MacDonell, Damian Moppett, Nils Norman, Nathalee Paolinelli, Les Ramsay, Anne Riley, Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross, Erin Siddall, Lucy Skaer, Dan Starling, Althea Thauberger, The Raiders, Stephen Waddell, Holly Ward
cheese whizdom
Feb 18 — Apr 28, 2016 Workshop
Adam Gough, Elisa Thorn
A Space for Looking is a Space for Listening
Jan 22 — Feb 27, 2016 Exhibition
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 4 — 6, 2015 Gathering
1UP Caramels, AW by Andrea Wong, Maggie Boyd, Coral + Cloud, Cumulus Project, Draw Me A Lion, East Van Jam, Explorer's Press , Fable Naturals, Fieldwork, Fleet Objects, Forest & Waves, Henderson Dry Goods, Hendrik Lou, Gray Metal, Made By Kin, Gailan Ngan, Osmics, Perro Verlag, Anita Sikma, Scout & Catalogue, Simply Read Books, Strathcona Stockings, Sunday Dry Goods, Erin Templeton, Thistle Town Toys, WarmAndDrift, Woodlot
Vancouver Independent Archives Week
Nov 22 — 28, 2015 Program
Light Reading
Nov 14, 2015 Screening, Talk, Performance
Lis Rhodes
Nov 13 — Dec 19, 2015 Exhibition
Annie MacDonell, The Slits, Elizabeth Zvonar
Scrivener’s Monthly: Fred Moten Presenting “a partial correspondence, in lieu of a lecture, on entanglement”
Oct 25, 2015 Reading, Talk
Fred Moten, Denise Ferreira da Silva
Darkness Silence Touch
Oct 8, 2015 Performance, Screening
Zoe Kreye, Lindsay Ljungkull
Talk by Holly Ward and Other Sights for Artists' Projects
Oct 3, 2015 Talk
Other Sights for Artists' Projects, Holly Ward
Communities, Culture, and Consultation
Oct 3, 2015 Talk
Geraldine Dening, Brian McBay, Annabel Vaughan
Politics and Urban Spaces
Oct 3, 2015 Talk
Am Johal, Seema Jethalal, Caitlin Jones, Mike Lombardi, Bob Williams
Reading by Meredith Quatermain
Oct 3, 2015 Reading, Performance
Meredith Quatermain
Open Panel moderated by Jeff Derksen
Oct 3, 2015 Talk
Jeff Derksen
Talk by Urban Subjects and Assemble
Oct 2, 2015 Talk
Assemble, Urban Subjects
Urgent Imagination: Art and Urban Development, Part 2
Oct 2 — 3, 2015 Program
To Build a Better City: Selected Films about Art and Urban Development
Oct 2, 2015 Screening
Urgent Imagination: Art and Urban Development, Part 1
Sep 12 — Oct 3, 2015 Exhibition
Every Little Bit Hurts
Sep 11 — Oct 24, 2015 Exhibition
Zoe Kreye, Lindsay Ljungkull, Anne Riley
Walter Scott in Residence
Sep 9 — 30, 2015 Residency
Walter Scott
The Rag Papers
Jul 2 — Aug 2, 2015 Exhibition
Corin Sworn
Tyler Coburn in Residence
May 23 — Jun 19, 2015 Residency
Tyler Coburn
Can You Make a Pet of Him or Put Him on a Leash for Your Girls?
May 21, 2015 Performance
Can You Make a Pet of Him Like a Bird or Put Him on a Leash For Your Girls?
May 15 — Aug 2, 2015 Exhibition
Rana Hamadeh
Light Music
Apr 9, 2015 Screening
Performance by Tanya Lukin Linklater
Mar 21, 2015 Performance
Ziyian Kwan, Tanya Lukin-Linklater
Reading the Line
Mar 20 — May 2, 2015 Exhibition
Alma Alloro, Maggie Groat, Anne Low, Tanya Lukin-Linklater, Lis Rhodes
42nd Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Feb 28, 2015 Gathering
Cory Arcangel, Allyson Clay, Christos Dikeakos, Barry Doupé, Deborah Edmeades, Kasper Feyrer, Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, Tamara Henderson, Colleen Heslin, Steve Hubert, Megan Hepburn, Tiziana La Melia, Lyse Lemieux, Glenn Lewis, Kelly Lycan, Lorna Mills, Julie Morstad, Gailan Ngan, Joar Nango, Natalie Purschwitz, Charles Rea, Walter Scott, Nicolas Sassoon, The Raiders, Zin Taylor, Eden Veaudry, Antoni Wojtyra, Ian Wallace
A Supreme Celebration and Potluck
Feb 21, 2015 Gathering
Jan 17 — Feb 21, 2015 Exhibition
Life of a Craphead, Laura McCoy
Vancouver Vernacular
2015 Installation
Nils Norman
The Good, The Bad, and The Allegory
2015 Installation
Slow Dirt
Other Sights for Artists' Projects
Beyond Minimum
2015 Installation
Urban Subjects
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 5 — 6, 2014 Gathering
1UP Caramels, AW by Andrea Wong, Maggie Boyd, Cumulus Project, Draw Me A Lion, Dear Pony, Fable Naturals, Fieldwork, Fleet Objects, Henderson Dry Goods, Hives For Humanity, Hendrik Lou, Gray Metal, Made By Kin, Gailan Ngan, Osmics, Olla Urban Flower Project, Paperbacknote, Perro Verlag, Anita Sikma, Simply Read Books, Erin Templeton, WarmAndDrift, Woodlot, Casey Wei
The same condition repeated at every moment of the walk
Nov 14 — Dec 20, 2014 Exhibition
Joar Nango
The Chef's On Vacation
Sep 25, 2014 Reading
Mark DeLong
Life and People
Sep 12 — Oct 25, 2014 Exhibition
Mark DeLong, Barry Doupé, Lorna Mills
Liquid Trust
Sep 11, 2014 Performance, Concert
Curtain Razors, China Cloud Ensemble, Express Your Voice Choir, Szuper Gallery, VOICE OVER mind Choir
Collective Works: Questions and Answers
Sep 2, 2014 Talk
Ben Brown, Szuper Gallery
Launch of “Heard About A Place One Day”
Aug 21, 2014 Gathering
Devon Knowles
Project Kingsgate at Western Front
Jul 18, 2014 Concert, Performance
Blond Kiss, Soledad Muñoz, Johnathan Scherk, V. Vecker Ensemble, Young Braised
Jun 27 — 29, 2014 Program
Duncan Campbell
Scoring Sound
Jun 14, 2014 Concert, Workshop, Performance
Kathleen Taylor, Lisa Ullén
Concert by Lisa Ullén
Jun 10, 2014 Concert, Performance
Lisa Ullén
Concert by Circuit Ensemble
Jun 5, 2014 Concert, Performance
Circuit Ensemble
Kingsgate Happenings
Jun 2 — 16, 2014 Residency
Casey Wei
Talk by Matthew Higgs
May 30, 2014 Talk
Matthew Higgs
May 21 — Jun 28, 2014 Exhibition
Benoît Maire
On Flatness
Apr 10, 2014 Screening
Sydney Hart, Shama Khanna
There are reasons for looking and feeling and thinking about things that are invisible: a two day event on New Narratives in art writing
Apr 4 — 5, 2014 Performance, Talk
Maria Fusco, Amy Fung, Eileen Myles, Lynne Tillman, Jacob Wren
Joan Dark
Mar 28 — May 3, 2014 Exhibition
Carole Itter, Tiziana La Melia, Li Liao, Ariana Reines, Bunny Rogers, Walter Scott
Hear it NOW: Strong and Free
Mar 28, 2014 Concert, Performance
Tommy Babin, Skye Brooks, Nikki Carter, JP Carter, Chad MacQuarrie
Concert by Shweta Jhaveri and the Neelamjit Dhillon Quartet
Mar 15, 2014 Concert, Performance
Shweta Jhaveri, Neelamjit Dhillon Quartet
41st Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 8, 2014 Gathering
Derya Akay, Sean Alward, Omer Arbel, Sean Arden, Peter Culley, Mark DeLong, Barry Doupé, Moyra Davey, Noa Giniger, Margaret Haines, Maegan Hill-Carroll, August Klintberg, Devon Knowles, Arvo Leo, Katie Lyle, Donato Mancini, Antoni Muntadas, Shana Moulton, David Ostrem, Erin Siddall, Sylvain Sailly, Jayce Salloum, Tom Slaughter, Gordon Smith, Erica Stocking, The Raiders, Erdem Taşdelen, Reece Terris, Zoe Tissandier, Casey Wei, David Wisdom, Setareh Yasan, Alison Yip
Barry Doupé in Residence
Feb 10 — Mar 14, 2014 Residency
Barry Doupé
Escape Scenes
Jan 17 — Feb 27, 2014 Exhibition
Kasper Feyrer
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 6 — 7, 2013 Gathering
1UP Caramels, AW by Andrea Wong, Down Home Amy, Cocolico, Draw Me A Lion, Fieldwork, Fleet Objects, Henderson Dry Goods, Hendrik Lou, Arvo Leo, Lemmoni, Gray Metal, Made By Kin, Gailan Ngan, Osmics, Wendy Oakman, Mirya Olney, Perro Verlag, Paperbacknote, Publication Studio Vancouver, Anita Sikma, Simply Read Books, Erin Templeton, Thistle Town Toys, WarmAndDrift
Concert by Quasar Saxophone Quartet with Dissonant Disco
Nov 16, 2013 Concert, Performance
Dissonant Disco, Quasar Saxophone Quartet
Re-enactments and Deprivation Music
Nov 15, 2013 Concert, Performance
Eric KM Clark
Absolute Countdown
Nov 14 — Dec 21, 2013 Exhibition
Noa Giniger
Parents of Invention
Nov 14, 2013 Workshop, Talk
Eric KM Clark, Wolf Edwards, Jesse Gotfrit, Anju Singh, WORKER
The Sorrow the Joy Brings
Nov 13, 2013 Media Artwork
Noa Giniger
Scrivener’s Monthly: Peter Culley Reading “The End of Hammertown” (illustrated)
Oct 3, 2013 Reading, Performance
Peter Culley
Continuum Model
Sep 13 — Oct 26, 2013 Exhibition
Sylvain Sailly
It happens at night.
Sep 12, 2013 Installation
August Klintberg
Scrivener's Monthly: The Tent Shop Hosting Readings and Screenings
Jun 16, 2013 Screening, Reading
Jeff Chute, Mark DeLong, Jacob Gleeson, Tiziana La Melia
40th Anniversary Open House
Jun 16, 2013 Gathering
John Brennan, Cedric Bomford, Collage Collage, Bruce Emmett, Jacob Gleeson, Instant Coffee, Germaine Koh, Publik Secrets, Leslie Ross, Square One, Scant Intone, VOICE OVER mind Choir, Ian Verchere
Leslie Ross with Square One
Jun 13 — 14, 2013 Workshop
Leslie Ross, Square One
Jun 1 — 30, 2013 Installation
Robert Kleyn
Concert by Leslie Ross
May 29, 2013 Concert, Performance
Leslie Ross
May 3 — Jun 6, 2013 Exhibition
Lyndl Hall, Devon Knowles, Erica Stocking, Erdem Taşdelen
Scrivener’s Monthly: Michael Taussig Drawing as Talking About Pleasant Tree Farms as a Mode of Thought and Beauty in the Age of Agri-terrorism
Mar 28, 2013 Talk
Michael Taussig
Concert by Evan Parker with Gordon Grdina and Kenton Loewen
Mar 22, 2013 Concert, Performance, Gathering
Gordon Grdina, Kenton Loewen, Evan Parker
40th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 9, 2013 Gathering
Hank Bull, Jeremy Bailey, Ahbyah Baker, Neïl Beloufa, Allyson Clay, Kasper Feyrer, Fieldwork, Luke Fowler, Rodney Graham, Mona Hatoum, Tamara Henderson, Allison Hrabluik, Jordy Hamilton, Paul Kajander, Eun Kyung Kim, Robert Kleyn, Tiziana La Melia, Khan Lee, Arvo Leo, Kelly Lycan, Nick Lakowski, Oliver Laric, Sara Ludy, Liz Magor, Ryan Mathieson, Isabelle Pauwels, Corin Sworn, The Raiders, The Everything Co.
green house
Mar 7 — Apr 13, 2013 Exhibition
Abbas Akhavan
Past is Prologue: Project Rainbow 
Feb 21, 2013 Screening, Talk
Project Rainbow, Lisa Robertson
Concert by Christian Zehnder
Feb 9, 2013 Concert, Performance
Christian Zehnder
Feb 8, 2013 Concert, Performance
Gabriel Dharmoo, Soressa Gardner, Helen Pridmore, Arrington de Dionyso
Talk by Gabriel Dharmoo and Arrington de Dionyso
Feb 7, 2013 Talk
Gabriel Dharmoo, Arrington de Dionyso
Edible Glasses
Jan 18 — Feb 23, 2013 Exhibition
Feiko Beckers, Tamara Henderson, Eun Kyung Kim, Ieva Misevičiūtė
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 7 — 8, 2012 Gathering
AW by Andrea Wong, Coconama Chocolate, Draw Me A Lion, Contexture Design, Fable Naturals, Fieldwork, Fleet Objects, Jennifer Fedorink, Henderson Dry Goods, Hendrik Lou, Gray Metal, Gailan Ngan, Wendy Oakman, Perro Verlag, Publication Studio Vancouver, Anita Sikma, Simply Read Books, Studio Bup, Erin Templeton, Tin Can Studio, WarmAndDrift
The Working Move
Dec 5, 2012 Performance
Justine A. Chambers, Brendan Fernandes
Boulez Contra Cage
Nov 24, 2012 Concert, Performance
David Bloom, Simon Martin, Tiresias, Simon Webb
Nov 9 — Dec 22, 2012 Exhibition
Arvo Leo
Folles Alliées / Fiolûtröniq
Nov 8, 2012 Concert, Performance
Katelyn Clark, Fiolûtröniq
Concert by Lisa Cay Miller
Oct 26, 2012 Concert, Performance
Lisa Cay Miller
Scrivener's Monthly: Olof Olsson Driving the Blues Away
Oct 23, 2012 Performance
Olof Olsson
Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire" @ 100
Oct 15 — 16, 2012 Concert, Performance
Ariel Barnes, Robyn Driedger-Klassen, David Gillham, Corey Hamm, Cris Inguanti, Lisa Cay Miller, Mark McGregor, Carol Sawyer, Marcus Takizawa, Marguerite Witvoet
Variety Show Television
Oct 13, 2012 Talk, Performance, Screening
Arbour Lake Sghool, Travis Bernhardt, Jakob Jakobsen, Virginija Januškevičiūtė, Elizabeth Milton, Olof Olsson
Roaring Silence: Sylvain Chauveau and Joseph Hirabayashi
Oct 4, 2012 Concert, Performance
Sylvain Chauveau, Joseph Hirabayashi
Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, Internet Art Now, Online and Off
Sep 30, 2012 Talk
Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy, Jon Rafman, Rick Silva
Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, All Together Now: Building Art Collectives and Communities Online
Sep 30, 2012 Talk
Patrick Cruz, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Nicolas Sassoon, Matthew Williamson
Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, Do You Believe in Users? Internet Art Histories and Digital Folklore
Sep 29, 2012 Talk
Hank Bull, Dragan Espenscheid, Amber Frid-Jimenez
Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, Surf + Source; The Artist as User from Writing Code to Sourcing the Readymades
Sep 29, 2012 Talk
Kate Armstrong, Raphaël Bastide, Lorna Mills, Sylvain Sailly, Matthew Williamson
Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, Opening Reception and Keynote Performance
Sep 28, 2012 Performance
Cory Arcangel, MSHR
Pan Global Imprint
Sep 14, 2012 Concert, Performance
Curtis Andrews, DB Boyko, Nikki Carter, Lee Hutzulak, Mei Han, Bic Hoang, Orkestra Futura, Clyde Reed, Ali Razmi
Sep 7 — Oct 13, 2012 Exhibition
Aleksandra Domanovic, Dragan Espenscheid, Oliver Laric, Olia Lialina, WALLPAPERS
John Cage Centennial Cookbook
Sep 6, 2012 Concert, Performance, Screening
Robin Hayward, Scott Smith, Christopher Williams
Scrivener's Monthly: Aaron Flint Jamison Giving a Talk and Tour at Pacific Bindery
Jul 14, 2012 Talk
Aaron Flint Jamison
Sonic Playground returns!
Jun 23 — Jul 1, 2012 Program
Frederick Brummer, Diana Burgoyne, Martin Fisk, Soressa Gardner, Lee Hutzulak, Josh Hite, Madoka Hara, Donna Lytle, Brad Muirhead, Jean Routhier
Scrivener's Monthly: Will Holder and Kasper Feyrer Performing Robert Ashley's "The Entrance" (1996)
Jun 15, 2012 Performance
Kasper Feyrer, Will Holder
Three Solos: Colin Stetson, Sarah Neufeld, Gregory Rogove
May 5 — 6, 2012 Concert, Performance
Sarah Neufeld, Gregory Rogove, Colin Stetson
Sans Song
Apr 27 — Jun 2, 2012 Exhibition
Joshua Bonnetta, Joan La Barbara, Nathan McNinch
39th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction: Let There Be Light
Mar 3, 2012 Gathering
Sean Arden, Abbas Akhavan, Omer Arbel, Marian Penner Bancroft, Raymond Boisjoly, Neïl Beloufa, Joshua Bartholomew, Lorna Bauer, Matei Bejenaru, Karin Bubaš, Fabiola Carranza, Sophie Bélair Clément, Michael Drebert, Geoffrey Farmer, Will Gill, Angela Grossmann, Instant Coffee, Lee Kit, Glenn Lewis, Andrew Yong Hoon Lee, Donato Mancini, Elizabeth Milton, James Monro, Tegan Moore, Nicole Ondre, Christopher Rodrigues, Sylvain Sailly, Nicolas Sassoon, Carol Sawyer, Kate Sansom, Dirk Staschke, Jonathan Syme, Ian Wallace, Casey Wei, Jen Weih
Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little
Feb 17 — Apr 7, 2012 Exhibition
Kim Kennedy Austin, Glenn Alteen, Lorna Brown, Aaron Carpenter, Amy Fung, Jill Henderson, Hannah Hughes, Instant Coffee, Robert Kleyn, Graham Kaye, Stephen Lyons, Brian McBay, Bernd Milla, Jonathan Middleton, Lise Nellemann, Other Sights for Artists' Projects, Samuel Roy-Bois, Rakett, Annabel Vaughan
Henry (Have you ever been this low?)
Nov 18, 2011 — Jan 14, 2012 Exhibition
Lee Kit
Talk by Neïl Beloufa
Sep 27, 2011 Talk
Neïl Beloufa
Sep 9, 2011 — Jan 14, 2012 Exhibition
Glenn Lewis
As Far As We Know
Sep 9 — Nov 5, 2011 Exhibition
Neïl Beloufa
Slow Action
Jun 23 — Jul 23, 2011 Exhibition
Ben Rivers
Sophie Bélair Clément
May 20 — Jul 23, 2011 Exhibition
Sophie Bélair Clément
Intermission Project: Lars Laumann and Goldin+Senneby
Apr 21 — May 6, 2011 Exhibition
Goldin+Senneby, Lars Laumann
38th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 12, 2011 Gathering
Raymond Boisjoly, Eli Bornowsky, Aaron Carpenter, Dana Claxton, Stan Douglas, Mark DeLong, Brendan Fernandes, FASTWÜRMS, Antonia Hirsch, Instant Coffee, Toril Johannessen, Jessica Jang, Devon Knowles, Keith Langergraber, Derek Liddington, Alex Morrison, Jason McLean, Shannon Oksanen, Ed Pien, Ryan Peter, Les Ramsay, Nicole Raufeisen, Kate Sansom, Corin Sworn, Althea Thauberger, Holly Ward, Paul Wong, Ryan Witt
Vector Association at Western Front
Feb 18 — Apr 16, 2011 Exhibition
Dan Acostioaei, Matei Bejenaru, Florin Bobu, Ayman Ramadan, Vector Association
Walking, Square, Cylinder, Plane
Nov 26, 2010 — Jan 22, 2011 Exhibition
Eli Bornowsky
Angle Mort
Sep 10 — Oct 23, 2010 Exhibition
Sarah Foulquier
Talk and Screening by Keith Langergraber
Jun 19, 2010 Talk, Screening
Derek Howard, Keith Langergraber, Racan Soueidan, Earl J. Woods
The Society of Temporal Investigations
Apr 30 — Jul 20, 2010 Exhibition
Keith Langergraber
Network Noise not Noise
Mar 1 — 31, 2010 Exhibition
Cory Arcangel, Aleksandra Domanovic, JODI, Guthrie Lonergan, Lee Walton
In Dialogue
Jan 30 — Mar 6, 2010 Exhibition
Urban Subjects, Bik Van der Pol
The Western Front Front: Another False Front
Dec 5, 2009 — Mar 27, 2010 Installation
Reece Terris
Stories from Places and Times Distantly Close
Nov 21, 2009 — Jan 16, 2010 Exhibition
Cinema Suitcase, Will Kwan
Speaking in Landscape Tongues
Sep 10 — Oct 17, 2009 Exhibition
Faye HeavyShield, Jason Lujan, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Marianne Nicolson, James Nicholas, Sandra Semchuk, Scott Thomson
Sign Singing, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division, 1979, Deaf Choir, 2009
May 22 — Jun 27, 2009 Exhibition
Ian Skedd
There Are No Rules
Apr 11 — May 16, 2009 Exhibition
Elizabeth Zvonar
Exhibition by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
Mar 7 — Apr 4, 2009 Exhibition
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
36th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction: Stimulus Package
Mar 7, 2009 Gathering
Abbas Akhavan, Rebecca Belmore, Tom Burrows, Aaron Carpenter, Dana Claxton, Christine D’Onofrio, Amber Dawn, Eric Deis, Steve Hubert, Mei Han, Babak Golkar, Instant Coffee, Brian Jungen, Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds, Devon Knowles, Sarah Anne Johnson, Holger Kalberg, Tim Lee, Salar Mameni, Etienne Zack, Nadia Myre, Luanne Martineau, Skeena Reece, Mark Soo, Erica Stocking, Bernadette Phan, Ron Tran, Neil Wedman, Tania Willard, Ryan Sluggett, Elizabeth Zvonar, Osvaldo Yero
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 5 — 6, 2008 Gathering
Broken English, Boris Brothers, Bee & Hornet, Cabin + Cub Design, Crooked Walker, Denise Cordrey, Coco Cake Cupcakes, Coco Chow Fun, Contexture Design, Hand & Shadow, Joie Designs, Kimberly McErlean, Kajola Morewood, Jason McLean, Gailan Ngan, Open Cupboards, Perro Verlag, The Beautiful Project, Parade Around, Jacqueline Robins, Simply Read Books, Track and Field Designs, doodlepuffy, mono, seed
Nov 29, 2008 — Jan 24, 2009 Exhibition
Michael Dinges, Scott Fife, Megan Gregory, Anna Sew Hoy, Devon Knowles, Liz Magor, Damian Moppett, William J. O'Brien
The F Word
Oct 18 — Nov 22, 2008 Exhibition
Allyson Clay, Kate Craig, Margaret Dragu, Shawna Dempsey, Karen Henry, Deirdre Logue, Maria Legault, Lorri Millan, Jillian McDonald, Kristina Lee Podesva, Lisa Robertson, Lisa Steele, Salla Tykkä
Public Apology
Oct 17, 2008 Performance
Maria Legault
Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of the Truth
Sep 4 — Oct 11, 2008 Exhibition
Shuvinai Ashoona, Nadia Myre, Allan Packer, Tania Willard
Between Us – A Toronto/Vancouver Exchange
Sep 4 — 18, 2008 Exhibition
Luis Jacob, Will Kwan, Salar Mameni, Kristina Lee Podesva, Fedora Romita, Paul de Guzman
Everything Should be Made as Simple as Possible, but not Simpler
Jun 7 — Jul 12, 2008 Exhibition
Abbas Akhavan, Arabella Campbell, Antonia Hirsch, Paul Kajander, Salar Mameni
Sonic Playground - Performance by Miller, Carter, and Samworth
May 19, 2008 Performance
JP Carter, Lisa Cay Miller, Ron Samworth
Sonic Playground - Performance by Rachel Wadham, Lee Hutzulak
May 17, 2008 Performance
Lee Hutzulak, Jean Routhier, Rachael Wadham
Sonic Playground - Erato Ensemble
May 16, 2008 Performance
William George, Catherine Laub
Sonic Playground - Quadrabalarimbamaphone / Discovering Magic in Sound
May 16, 2008 Performance
Martin Fisk, Victoria Gibson, Brad Muirhead, Paul Plimley
Kits For An Encounter
Apr 26 — May 31, 2008 Exhibition
Azra Akšamija, Steven Brekelmans, Limor Fried, Max Goldfarb, Janice Kerbel, Lize Mogel, Vahida Ramujkić, Noam Toran, Judi Werthein
The Lecture
Mar 15 — Apr 19, 2008 Exhibition
Rachelle Sawatsky, Dan Starling
Exhibition by Lida Abdul
Jan 24 — Mar 1, 2008 Exhibition
Lida Abdul
Nowhere But Here
Dec 15, 2007 — Jan 19, 2008 Exhibition
Chen Chieh-Jen, Cao Fei
Exhibition by Paul Chan
Nov 3 — Dec 8, 2007 Exhibition
Paul Chan
Exhibition by Ujino Muneteru
Sep 7 — Oct 11, 2007 Exhibition
Ujino Muneteru
The International Flipbook Festival
Apr 28 — Jun 3, 2007 Exhibition
Sonic Playground
Mar 24, 2007 Program
Diana Burgoyne, Lorna Brown, Fiona Bowie, Paul Plimley, Igor Santizo, Maxime de la Rochefoucauld
Mar 17 — Apr 21, 2007 Exhibition
Fiona Bowie, Alan Cumming
Before the Internet: Networks and Art
Feb 3 — Mar 10, 2007 Exhibition
Dana Atchley, Robert Adrian X, Robert Filliou, Image Bank, Gary Lee-Nova, New York Corres-Sponge Dance School of Vancouver, N.E. Thing Co., Nam June Paik, Something Else Press, The Intermedia Society
Art's Birthday: MLK_vs_ART <07>
Jan 16, 2007 Performance
Don Chow
Between Your Hand and My Head
Dec 2, 2006 — Jan 27, 2007 Exhibition
John Baldessari, Joseph Grigely, Salar Mameni, Dave Muller
Shopdropping: Experiments in the Aisle
Oct 21 — Nov 25, 2006 Exhibition
Conrad Bakker, Michael Campbell, Coby Ellison, Marc Horowitz, Marijke Jorritsma, Packard Jennings, Marisa Jahn, Steve Lambert, Lauren Marsden, Eva Strohmeier, Shannon Spanhake, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, Steve Shada, The Centre For Tactical Magic, United Victorian Workers Union
Putting the Wild Back Into the West: starring Belle Sauvage & Buffalo Boy
Oct 19, 2006 Performance
Lori Blondeau, Adrian Stimson
Waiting, Acting Waiting
Jun 9 — Jul 7, 2006
Wolfram Berger, Isabell Heimerdinger
Knew Urk
May 27 — Jul 6, 2006 Exhibition
Jimmie Durham
Apr 15 — May 20, 2006 Exhibition
Allison Hrabluik
Until Then Then
Feb 25 — Apr 1, 2006 Exhibition
Eric Deis, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Holly Ward, Elizabeth Zvonar
Concert by New Orchestra Workshop (NOW)
Dec 12, 2005 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Greenwich Degree Zero
Nov 25, 2005 — Jan 21, 2006 Exhibition, Program
Rod Dickinson, Tom McCarthy
Flora and Fauna
Nov 9, 2005 Performance
Warren Arcand
Oct 15 — Nov 19, 2005 Exhibition
Szuper Gallery
Sep 2 — Nov 8, 2005 Exhibition
Derek Barnett, Michael Drebert, Sarah Massecar
Free Trade
Mar 26, 2005 Concert, Performance
Freedom Festival Orchestra
Concert by Bruce Freedman Quartet and Aeroplane Trio
Mar 25, 2005 Concert, Performance
Aeroplane Trio, Bruce Freedman Quartet
A Video Document of the Contemporary Ritual Series
Feb 5, 2005 Publication, Screening
Sharon Alward, Reona Brass, Linda Montano, Jamie McMurray, Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Julie Andrée T.
DREAM telephone-art/The Upgrade 2.0. with participants from Reverie
Jan 17, 2005 Performance
Reverie Release CD
Jan 17, 2005
Jean Routhier
Network Audio Exchanges with Vienna
Jan 16, 2005 Performance
Art's Birthday
Jan 15, 2005 Performance
Art's Birthday
Jan 14, 2005 Performance
Reverie: Art's Birthday
Jan 14 — 17, 2005 Program
Anna Friz in Residence
Dec 17, 2004 — Jan 30, 2005 Residency
Anna Friz
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 3 — 4, 2004 Gathering
Concert by Granrojo
Nov 27, 2004 Concert, Performance
Concert by Peggy Lee Band
Nov 26, 2004 Concert, Performance
Peggy Lee Band
Concert by NOW Orchestra with Marilyn Crispell
Nov 25, 2004 Concert, Performance
Marilyn Crispell, NOW Society Ensemble
Concert by The Tiptons
Nov 21, 2004 Concert, Performance
The Tiptons
Talk by David Bateman & Ashok Mathur
Nov 20, 2004 Talk
David Bateman, Ashok Mathur
Nite Music to Matins: All Night Concert
Nov 6, 2004 Concert, Performance
Biplab Bhattacharya, Gamelan Alligator Joy, Sutrisno Hartana, Eric David Hedekar, Rachel Iwaasa, Ellen McIlwaine, Katharine Norman, Shubhendra Rao, Tandava, Barry Truax, Daniel Tones
Untitled (Conversation Loops)
Nov 6 — Dec 18, 2004 Exhibition
Jacob Gleeson, Donato Mancini, Elisa Rathje, Miguel da Conceicao
Automated Prayer Machine
Nov 4, 2004 Concert, Performance
Annabelle Chvostek, Anna Friz
Alberto Guedea, Michael North, Ken Roux, and Igor Santizo in Residence
Nov 1, 2004 — Jan 30, 2005 Residency
Michael North, Ken Roux, Igor Santizo, Alberto Guedea Zamora
Upgrade 2.0 at New Forms Festival
Oct 24, 2004 Talk
Afternoon Delight at Guelph Park
Oct 23, 2004 Performance
Aluna-Maya, Joelle Ciona, Lindsay Clarke, Margaret Dragu, Gretchen Elsner, Devon Guest, Irene Loughlin, Jean Smith, umeboshi
Oct 23, 2004 Performance, Workshop
Margaret Dragu
Closing Cabaret
Oct 23, 2004 Performance
Leanne Johnson, Salmon Avalanche, Amber Dawn, Hell Lynx, Dinka Pignon, Mia Perry, Jean Smith, Maya Suess, Kai Xue, Thirza Cuthand, xXx Super-Art xXx
The Gallery Director
Oct 22, 2004 Performance
Cindy Baker
Buffy the Wetigo Slayer: The Buffy St. Marie
Oct 20, 2004 Performance
Cheli Nighttraveller
Blindfold Art-Rest
Oct 16, 2004 Performance
Linda Montano
An Intimate Show And Tell Evening-R18
Oct 15, 2004 Performance
Annie Sprinkle
Living Cinema
Oct 14, 2004 Media Artwork
Bob Ostertag
Performance by Velveeta Krisp: Interior Scroll
Oct 13, 2004 Performance
Velveeta Krisp
That 70's Ho
Oct 13 — 23, 2004 Program
relations in gender
Oct 11, 2004 Performance
Don Simmons
Tales of the Universe
Oct 1, 2004 Concert, Performance
Aleksandra Dulic, Christine Duncan, Martin Gotfrit, Hamin Honari, Kenneth Newby, So-Young Park
Nightwatch Fall Music Season
Oct 1 — Nov 30, 2004 Program
Haunted: The Dominion Building
Sep 10 — Oct 23, 2004 Exhibition
Brady Cranfield
Jean Routhier in Residence
Sep 1, 2004 — Jan 30, 2005 Residency
Jean Routhier
Elizabeth Fischer in Residence
Sep 1, 2004 — Jan 30, 2005 Residency
Elizabeth Fischer
Concert by NOW Orchestra
Apr 11, 2004 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Under Exposure
Apr 1 — 30, 2004 Program
Concert by Diagon
Dec 4, 2003 Concert, Performance
Raw & Cooked
Nov 30, 2003 Concert, Performance
Disquiet, Darvin Jones, Menya, Pink Eiga Ensemble, Kira Van Deusen
Concert by Lee Hutzulak
Nov 22, 2003 Concert, Performance
Lee Hutzulak
Intimate Investigations
Nov 21, 2003 Performance
Lezli Rubin-Kunda
A Simple Truth
Nov 17, 2003 Performance
Rebecca Belmore
Pre/amble: A Two Day Festival of Art and Psychogeography
Nov 1 — 2, 2003 Program
Barbed Wire
Oct 25, 2003 Performance
Jamie Mc Murry
Oct 25 — Nov 8, 2003 Exhibition
Peter Conlin
Burning Head
Oct 9, 2003 Performance
Julie Andrée T.
see sound e scape: electronics/remix/octophonics/audiomobile
Oct 2 — 5, 2003 Program
The Upgrade: Talk by Ken Gregory
Oct 1, 2003 Talk
Ken Gregory
Talk by Ken Gregory
Sep 28, 2003 Talk
Ken Gregory, Matt Smith
Talk by Matt Smith and Diana Burgoyne
Sep 27, 2003 Talk
Diana Burgoyne, Matt Smith
Respecting the Endocrine System
Sep 12, 2003 Workshop
Linda Montano
The Parallax View
Sep 5 — Oct 10, 2003 Exhibition
Nicole+Ryan, Michael Euyung Oh, Mark O'Connell, Claude Zervas
The Upgrade: Artist Run Limousine
Sep 3, 2003 Talk
Matt Smith, Sandra Wintner
Scrambled Bites in Residence
Sep 1 — Oct 2, 2003 Residency
Diana Burgoyne, Ken Gregory, Marilyn Lerner, Matt Smith, Sandra Wintner
At Work
Aug 5 — 20, 2003 Exhibition
Clint Burnham
Talk by Ken Gregory, Matt Smith, and Diana Burgoyne
Aug 2, 2003 Talk
Diana Burgoyne, Ken Gregory, Matt Smith
Local & Long Distance
Jun 27, 2003 Concert, Performance
Roberto Paci Dalò
Roberto Paci Dalo and Giardini Pensili in Residence
Jun 11 — 30, 2003 Residency
Roberto Paci Dalò, Giardini Pensili
Field Work
May 31 — Jun 28, 2003 Exhibition
Germaine Koh
Works by Local Composers
May 1, 2003 Concert, Performance
Nick Apivor, Kimla Attiana, Sarah Cardwell, Jessica Werb
Concert by Topology
Apr 24, 2003 Concert, Performance
Apr 18 — May 17, 2003 Exhibition
All Star Schnauzer Band, July Fourth Toilet, Nihilist Spasm Band
Music and Dance of Bali
Apr 10, 2003 Concert, Performance
Concert by Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao-de Haas
Apr 4, 2003 Concert, Performance
Saskia Rao-de Haas, Shubhendra Rao
Western Front 30th Anniversary Bash - Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 22, 2003 Gathering, Performance
Hank Bull, Saskia Rao-de Haas, Rachel Iwaasa, Akram Khan, Eric Metcalfe, Shubhendra Rao
30th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 8, 2003 Gathering
Feb 22, 2003 Concert, Performance
Feb 14, 2003 Performance
Linda Montano, Lana O'Keefe, Jean Smith
Feb 4, 2003 Performance
Don Ritter
Jan 25, 2003 Performance
Steve Anthony, Derek Champion, Margaret Dragu, Paul Wong, David Yonge
Drive Into the Sunset
Jan 18 — Feb 22, 2003 Exhibition
Scott Benzel, Zoe Crosher, Karl Erickson, Brian Kordansky, Brian O'Connell, Lisa Oppenheim, Erica Redling, Valerie Schultz, Isabell Spengler, Shane Willis
How Does Your Voice Sound
Jan 8 — 26, 2003 Program
DB Boyko
Toque Craft Fair
Dec 6, 2002 Gathering
Nov 22, 2002 — Jan 10, 2003 Exhibition
Larissa Fassler
Concert by Mei Han and Paul Plimley
Nov 16, 2002 Concert, Performance
Mei Han, Paul Plimley
Concert by Mei Han and Paul Plimley
Nov 15, 2002 Concert, Performance
Mei Han, Paul Plimley
Global Internet Exchange
Nov 15 — 16, 2002 Exhibition, Program
Performance by Stefan St. Laurent
Nov 8, 2002 Performance
Stefan St. Laurent
Concert by the Crossing Borders Ensemble
Nov 1 — 30, 2002 Concert, Performance
Crossing Borders Ensemble
Hildegard Westerkamp's Into India
Nov 1, 2002 Concert
Hildegard Westerkamp
All Hallow's Eve with Ensemble Symposium
Oct 31, 2002 Concert, Performance
Ensemble Symposium
Temps Mort
Oct 19 — Nov 16, 2002 Exhibition
Arthur Kleinjan
Abe's Roast
Oct 5, 2002 Talk
Hank Bull, Carl Chinn, Melanie Friesen, Eric Metcalfe, Abraham Rogatnick, Doris Shadbolt
Random Acts II: Piano Explorations
Sep 27, 2002 Concert, Performance
Ken Gregory, Chris Gestrin, Rachel Iwaasa, Marilyn Lerner, Marguerite Witvoet
Random Acts II: Performance Workshop
Sep 27, 2002 Workshop
David Cronkite, Ken Gregory, Marilyn Lerner, Kenneth Newby
Concert by Danielle P. Roger with Torsten Mueller and Veda Hille
Sep 20, 2002 Concert, Performance
Veda Hille, Torsten Müller, Danielle Roger
Concert by Saxophilia
Sep 14, 2002 Concert, Performance
Saxophilia Saxophone Quartet
Kate Craig Memorial
Sep 14, 2002 Gathering
Hank Bull, George Lewis
Concert by Bass Quartet
Sep 13, 2002 Concert, Performance
Bass Quartet
Concert by Ensemble Symposium
Sep 12, 2002 Concert, Performance
Ensemble Symposium
Concert by Christopher Butterfield: Die Ursonate
Sep 11, 2002 Concert, Performance
Christopher Butterfield
Street Music
Sep 11 — 14, 2002 Program
Christopher Butterfield, Bass Quartet, Ensemble Symposium, Saxophilia Saxophone Quartet
Ken Gregory in Residence
Sep 10 — 30, 2002 Residency
Ken Gregory
Mike Hoolbloom in Residence
Sep 10 — 30, 2002 Residency
Mike Hoolbloom
Webcast: Excerpts from The Heart Noises and Burning Vision
Sep 10, 2002 Screening
Danielle Roger
Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work
Sep 7 — Oct 12, 2002 Exhibition
Kathy Slade
Concert by VPV Improvisational Ensemble
Sep 5, 2002 Concert, Performance
Viviane Houle, Paul Plimley, Stefan Smulovitz
Under Exposure
Sep 1 — Dec 31, 2002 Program
Aug 1, 2002 Media Artwork
Mike Hoolbloom
The Invisible Object
Jul 1 — 31, 2002 Exhibition
Igor Santizo
A Little Landscape
Jul 1 — 31, 2002 Exhibition
Robert Linsley
Touched by a Monster
May 24, 2002 Performance
Alan Reade
Pour Occupation Immate: Performative Urban Space and Architecture
May 3 — 24, 2002 Exhibition
Thomas Bégin, Colleen Brown, Ralph Ghoche, Hadley Howes, Nicolas Renaud, Maxwell Stephens
Liminal Acts
May 2, 2002 Performance
Sharon Alward
Random Acts
Apr 19, 2002 Concert, Performance
Christopher Butterfield, David Cronkite, Jean Piché
Apr 19 — 21, 2002
Elizabeth Fischer and Maija Graham in Residence
Apr 1 — Aug 31, 2002 Residency
Elizabeth Fischer, Maija Graham
1000 Titles (I) and 1000 Titles (II)
Mar 28 — Apr 26, 2002 Exhibition
Evan Lee, Mohamed Somani
3 Ring Broadcast & Voiceworks
Mar 24, 2002 Concert, Performance
Teresa Connors, Andrew Denton, Peter Hannan, Ya-Wen Vivienne Wang, Marguerite Witvoet
In and Out of the Studio
Mar 24, 2002 Talk
Andra McCartney
Concert by Aiko Shimada and nechewagan
Mar 22, 2002 Concert, Performance
Nechewagan, Aiko Shimada
Mar 22, 2002 Concert, Performance
Brenda Baird, Eleanor Collins, Karen Graves, Lauri Lyster, Wendy Solloway, Colleen Savage
Made in March - How Dare We? Festival Preview and Media Conference
Feb 21, 2002 Talk, Talk
How Does Your Voice Sound
Feb 20 — Apr 24, 2002 Program
DB Boyko
An Inadequate History of Conceptual Art
Feb 16 — Mar 22, 2002 Exhibition
Silvia Kolbowski
Let's Make a Monster!
Feb 13, 2002 Performance
Perry Hoberman
Zombies and Cyborgs
Feb 11, 2002 Performance
Contemporary Shadow Performance (Night 2)
Feb 1, 2002 Concert, Performance
Heri Dono, Sutrisno Hartana, Vancouver Community Gamelan
Contemporary Shadow Performance (Night 1)
Jan 31, 2002 Concert, Performance
Heri Dono, Sutrisno Hartana, Vancouver Community Gamelan
Steve Heimbecker in Residence: Songs of Place
Jan 18, 2002 Residency
Steve Heimbecker
Devolve into II
Jan 17 — Mar 30, 2002 Exhibition
Peter Courtemanche, Roberto Paci Dalò, Kim Dawn, Maex Decker, Tim Didymus, Andrew Garton, Ken Gregory, Scott Russell, Ushi Reiter, Emilia Telese, Lori Weidenhammer
Art's Birthday
Jan 17, 2002 Performance
Hank Bull, Peter Courtemanche, Heri Dono, Steven Tong, Sandra Wintner
Jan 17 — Feb 8, 2002 Exhibition
Douglas Gordon, Terry Smith
Heri Dono in Residence
Jan 6 — Feb 4, 2002 Residency
Heri Dono
Empire & Au Pair
Nov 16, 2001 Performance
Robert Ashley, Jacqueline Humbert
Catwalk Envy: A Subverted Runway Show
Nov 9, 2001 Performance
Kim Dawn, Jocelyn Grant, Irene Loughlin, Aiyyana Maracle, Naufus Ramírez-Figuroa, Lorena Wolffer
Game & Operetta
Nov 3 — Dec 15, 2001 Exhibition
Laurel Woodcock
Elizabeth Fischer, Lora McElhinney, and Tim McLaughlin in Residence
Nov 1, 2001 — Feb 28, 2002 Residency
Elizabeth Fischer, Tim McLaughlin, Lora McElhinney
Freight Train Land
Sep 19 — 21, 2001 Concert, Performance
C.R. Avery, Glen Garinther, Monica Lee, M-low, M.C. Shankhini, Amalia Townsend, Noah Walker
Concert by Veda Hille: Field Study
Sep 16, 2001 Concert, Performance
Veda Hille
Pop Song Covers (Music & Landscape)
Sep 8 — Oct 20, 2001 Exhibition
Scott Livingston, Shannon Oksanen, Ki Wight, Holly Ward
Video and Performance from the Archives 1973-2001
Jul 1, 2001 Screening
Cooper Battersby, Richard Fung, Nicole Gingras, Aiyyana Maracle, Emily Vey Duke
Free Meat
Jun 20, 2001 Performance
Tyler Breck, Stephanie Bjornson, Paul Bennett, Andrew Dadson, Daniel Giantomaso, Anne Low, Sarah Muff, Carina Piccioni, Tony Romano, Lisa Von Strummer, Anika Yuzak
Where Her Tongue Wept
Jun 8 — 30, 2001 Exhibition
Kim Dawn
Concert by Crossing Borders Ensemble
May 25, 2001 Concert, Performance
Crossing Borders Ensemble
Do Not Tread Softly in the Night
May 4, 2001 Concert, Performance
Rita Wong
Long Streak of Misery
May 1, 2001 Media Artwork
Sally Rees
Spots Before My Eyes
May 1, 2001 Installation
Sally Rees
Dreams of Flight
May 1, 2001 Installation
Sally Rees
With Apologies...
May 1, 2001 Installation
Sally Rees
Two Monitors Demonstrate How Britney Spears Is Both Catalyst For Finding the Inner Child And Port to Carnal Self Gratification
May 1, 2001 Installation
Sally Rees
Saturday Morning
May 1, 2001 Media Artwork
Sally Rees
Kim Dawn in Residence
May 1 — Jul 2, 2001 Residency
Kim Dawn
The Move
Apr 17, 2001 Exhibition
Tim Lee
Fits and Starts
Apr 11, 2001 Performance
David Cheong, Human Faux Pas, Adad Hannah, Clay Hastings, Mark Neufeld, Dione Russell
Mar 30 — Apr 20, 2001 Exhibition
Eric Emery, Meesoo Lee, Damien Petryshyn, Sally Rees
Ken Doren in Residence
Mar 25 — Apr 25, 2001 Residency
Ken Doren
Virtual Virtue
Mar 22, 2001 Performance
Victoria Singh
Sally Rees in Residence
Mar 15 — May 1, 2001 Residency
Sally Rees
Legends of the Evergreen Forest
Mar 14, 2001 Performance
Andrew Stitt
X, Y: The Soldier's Tale
Mar 1, 2001 Performance, Concert
Andreas Kahre, Ron Samworth, Talking Pictures
You + You Alone
Jan 27 — Mar 10, 2001 Exhibition
Mark Curry
Performance by Paul Coulliard
Nov 29, 2000 Performance
Paul Coulliard
Louise Liliefeldt performance
Nov 29, 2000 Performance
Louise E. Liliefeldt
Electric Fondue
Nov 26, 2000 Concert, Performance
DB Boyko, Chantal Dumas, Lori Freedman, Karen Graves, Joane Hétu, Geneviève Letarte, Diane Labrosse, Peggy Lee, Lauri Lyster, Marilyn Lerner, Danielle Roger
Concert by V.I.E.W. Ensemble
Nov 25, 2000 Concert, Performance
V.I.E.W. Ensemble
VIEW from the FRONT
Nov 24 — 26, 2000 Program
V.I.E.W. Ensemble
Performances by Geneviève Letarte, Chantal Dumas, and Les Poules featuring Le Mystère du bois Blanc
Nov 24, 2000 Performance
Chantal Dumas, Geneviève Letarte, Les Poules
Proposals for Art Shows
Nov 14 — Dec 16, 2000 Exhibition
Robert Arndt
Performance by Manon Labreque
Oct 12, 2000 Performance
Manon Labrecque
Devolve Into
Oct 1, 2000 — Sep 30, 2001 Exhibition
Peter Courtemanche, Joelle Ciona, Shawn Chappelle, Lori Weidenhammer
The Shadow Machine
Sep 9, 2000 Performance
Peter Courtemanche, Ken Gregory, Carol Sawyer, Alvin Tolentino
Sep 8 — 16, 2000 Exhibition
Damian Keller, Una Knox
Industrial Ear
Sep 8 — 20, 2000 Exhibition, Program
At the Edge of Wilderness
Sep 8 — 20, 2000 Exhibition
Florence Debeugny, Hildegard Westerkamp
The Exchange
Sep 8 — 20, 2000 Exhibition
Michelle Frey, Kathryn Walter
Temporal Distortions
Jun 22, 2000 Performance
Jeff Grey, Pravin Parlay, Maya Suess, Erin Stanley, Corin Sworn
Dial M for Zombie
Jun 21, 2000 Performance
Randy Lee Cutler, John Cussans
Jun 20, 2000 Installation
Intermission Artists Society
Soundtrack for an Exhibition
Jun 1 — Aug 31, 2000 Exhibition
Ron Terada
May 27 — Jul 1, 2000 Exhibition
Robert Helms, Nell Tenhaaf
Harry Aoki and the Gang of Seven
May 25, 2000 Concert, Performance
Harry Aoki
Corpus Delicious
May 1 — 31, 2000 Performance
Margaret Dragu
May 1 — 31, 2000 Exhibition
Shawn Chappelle
Mar 21, 2000 Performance
Martin Breindl, Jean Routhier
Il decollo
Mar 18, 2000 Installation
Grazia Toderi
Il decollo & Il fiore del 1001 notte
Mar 18 — May 5, 2000 Exhibition
Grazia Toderi
Free Help
Mar 3, 2000 Performance
Pax Lyle
The Lab Lounge
Mar 1 — 31, 2000 Exhibition
Giorgio Magnanensi
Sound Separation
Jan 22 — Feb 25, 2000 Exhibition
Steven Brekelmans, Marianne Bos, Derek Brunen, Jean-Pierre Brown, Teresa Connors, Maura Doyle, Christian Kuras, Khan Lee, Brady Marks, Natalie Purschwitz, Mark Soo, Jeremy Shaw, Todd Shillington, Wade Thomas, Jen Weih
Web Exchange with Ari Feder and Konstantinos
Jan 21, 2000 Installation, Performance
Ari Feder
Art's Birthday
Jan 17, 2000 Gathering, Performance
Wiencouver 2000
Jan 17, 2000 Gathering
Peter Courtemanche
Concert by V.I.E.W. and Les Poules
Jan 14, 2000 Concert, Performance
Les Poules, V.I.E.W. Ensemble
V.I.E.W. in Residence
Jan 8 — 14, 2000 Residency
V.I.E.W. Ensemble
2000 Media Artwork
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
After Just Now
Jan 1 — 31, 2000 Exhibition
Jennifer Baum, Dana Claxton, Mike Hoolbloom, Istvan Kantor, Paul Lee, Jane Milroy, Mike Sanguedolce, Steve Sanguedolce, Kika Thorne
The Relative Violin
Dec 7, 1999 Concert, Performance
Parmela Attariwala, DB Boyko, Lache Cercel, Jim Munroe, Mark Parlett
Concert by Mei Han with Orchid Ensemble and Randy Raine-Reusch
Dec 5, 1999 Concert, Performance
Mei Han, Orchid Ensemble, Randy Raine-Reusch
Traditional Roles and New Directions of Women in Asian Music
Dec 4, 1999 Talk
Jin Hi Kim
Concert by Parmela Attariwala with Ravi Naimpally
Dec 4, 1999 Concert, Performance
Parmela Attariwala, Ravi Naimpally
Sound Travels
Dec 3 — 5, 1999 Program
Concert by Jin Hi Kim with Celso Machado
Dec 3, 1999 Concert, Performance
Jin Hi Kim, Celso Machado
Reading by Judy Radul
Dec 1 — 31, 1999 Reading, Performance
Judy Radul
Nov 20 — Dec 18, 1999 Exhibition
Alex Mackenzie
Solar Radiation
Nov 19, 1999 Screening
Silence Descends
Oct 27, 1999 Installation, Media Artwork
Roland Bastien, Shawn Chappelle, Peter Courtemanche, Joelle Ciona, Anna Friz, E. Kage, Andreas Kahre, Bill Mullan
3 Radio Hemisphere
Oct 19, 1999 Performance
Peter Courtemanche
Little Miss Mira
Oct 15, 1999 Performance
Marlene Madison-Plimley
Oct 8, 1999 Performance
Helena Goldwater
Zero Hour
Oct 8, 1999 Performance
Mireille Baril in Residence: The Tele-photos
Sep 25 — Oct 29, 1999 Residency
Mireille Baril
Sep 24, 1999 Screening, Gathering, Installation
John Anderson, Barb Choit, DJ Paola, Ben Reeder
Celebration Red
Sep 23, 1999 Performance
Alison Knowles
Loop and Repetition: Unstable Images
Sep 22, 1999 Screening
Clemence Boucher, Bradley Eros, Jeanne Liotta, Chris Marker, Dan Oki, Eric Oriot, Jaques Perron
Sep 19, 1999 Installation, Performance
Hank Bull
In the Skin of Becoming Swan
Jul 28, 1999 Performance
Alvin Tolentino
Jun 22, 1999 Media Artwork
Antonia Hirsch
Performance by John Boehme
Jun 16, 1999 Performance
John Boehme
Lost Lake
May 29 — Jul 3, 1999 Exhibition
Chris Welsby
Reading by bill bissett
May 14, 1999 Reading, Performance
bill bissett
Next Exit
May 8, 1999 Performance
Dana Atchley
Talonbooks Book Launch and Charles Watts Memorial
May 7, 1999 Gathering, Publication, Reading
Ted Byrne, Colin Browne, Robin Blaser, Roy Miki, Miriam Nichols, Peter Quartermain, Karl Siegler, Catriona Strang, Sharon Thesen, Talonbooks, Charles Watts
Un Petit Film
May 1, 1999 Media Artwork
Marcelline Filliou
Reading by Marilyn Dimont, Carmen Rodrigeuz, and Heather MacLeod
Apr 23, 1999 Reading, Performance
Marilyn Dimont, Heather MacLeod, Carmen Rodriguez
Markings: Dimension Through Surface
Apr 16, 1999 Screening
Alex Mackenzie
Geschichten II = Narratives II
Apr 15, 1999 Performance
Peter Courtemanche, Elisabeth Schimana, Lori Weidenhammer
Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy
Apr 10 — May 21, 1999 Exhibition
Martin Arnold
The Truth Channel
Apr 9, 1999 Screening
Brian Johnson, Bill Mullan, Anthony Roberts, Paul Ruskay
Screening: Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
Apr 6, 1999 Screening
Martin Arnold
She's a Diva
Apr 1 — 30, 1999 Media Artwork
Sheila James
Rudderless Voyage
Feb 20, 1999 Performance
Laura Kikauka, Gordon Monahan
Camp Insomnia
Feb 20 — Mar 2, 1999 Exhibition
Laura Kikauka
Art's Birthday
Jan 17, 1999 Performance, Gathering
Jan 9 — Feb 13, 1999 Exhibition
Derek Barnett, Jonathan Middleton
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted Body
1999 Media Artwork
Marusya Bociurkiw, Hank Bull, Sandra Fellner, Eric Metcalfe, Kirsten Robek, Kirsten Robek, Taylor Stutchbury, Carolyn Tweedle, Lori Weidenhammer
Full Frontal
1999 Exhibition
Nov 14 — Dec 19, 1998 Exhibition
Tamar Rosenberg
Eating Swan
Nov 1 — 30, 1998 Media Artwork
Lori Weidenhammer
Diva TV
Oct 18, 1998 Media Artwork
Maureen Bradley, Diva Research Team, Sheila James, Marlene Madison-Plimley, Carol Sawyer, Alvin Tolentino, Lori Weidenhammer
Talk by Sylvie Gilbert
Oct 18, 1998 Talk
Sylvie Gilbert
Such Sweet Compulsion
Oct 17, 1998 Performance
Sheila James, Andreas Kahre, Marlene Madison-Plimley, Lindsay McDonald, Lee Plested, Carol Sawyer, Alvin Tolentino, Lori Weidenhammer, Yasmin
The Diva Has Spoken
Oct 16, 1998 Performance, Reading
Marusya Bociurkiw, Terrie Hamazaki, Aiyyana Maracle, Stan Persky, Renee Rodin, Andrea Thompson
Oct 15, 1998 Performance
Lori Blondeau, Bradlee Larocque
Shot in the Dark
Oct 14, 1998 Performance
Hayley Newman
Hook and Eye
Oct 14, 1998 Performance
Hayley Newman
Crystalline II
Oct 14, 1998 Performance
Hayley Newman
Re-inventing the Diva
Oct 14 — 18, 1998 Program
Sep 19 — Oct 30, 1998 Exhibition
Pipilotti Rist
Elephantiasis Ears: Suspended Disbelief
Jun 17, 1998 Performance
Tagny Duff
Meet Jenna: Downtown
Jun 6 — Jul 4, 1998 Exhibition
Chris McNamara, Dermot Wilson
The Big Yawn
Jun 3, 1998 Performance
Yoshimichi Takei
Monster Audio
Jun 1, 1998 Performance
Peter Courtemanche, Bill Mullan, Adam Sloan
May 5 — 31, 1998 Exhibition
Edward Poitras
Confucius Diary
May 1, 1998 Performance
Wenda Gu
Journey to the West
Apr 26, 1998 Media Artwork
Hu Jieming
Subjunctive Mood
Apr 26, 1998 Media Artwork
Hu Jieming
Apr 18, 1998 Installation
Hu Jieming
Subjunctive Mood
Mar 25 — Apr 25, 1998 Exhibition
Hu Jieming
Concert by Shweta Jhaveri and V.I.E.W. Ensemble
Feb 28, 1998 Concert, Performance
Shweta Jhaveri, V.I.E.W. Ensemble
Concert by Loud
Feb 27, 1998 Concert, Performance
E. Kage, Leslie Komori, Elaine Stef
The Headless Woman
Feb 1, 1998 Performance, Media Artwork
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
Tales for a New World
Jan 31, 1998 Performance
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
Jan 24, 1998 Performance
Nao Bustamante, Coco Fusco
Exhibition by Olaf Nicolai
Jan 22 — Feb 27, 1998 Exhibition
Olaf Nicolai
Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan in Residence
Jan 9 — 31, 1998 Residency
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
Empire Line
1998 Installation, Media Artwork
Antonia Hirsch
Elephantiasis Ears Performance Series
Tagny Duff
The Big Funeral: an Allen Ginsberg Remembrance Reading
Dec 6, 1997 Reading, Gathering
George Bowering, Robin Blaser, Gerry Gilbert, Stan Persky, George Stanley, Ellen Tallman
Concert by Vancouver Community Gamelan with Sutrisno Hartana and Anis Wiji Astuti
Nov 30, 1997 Concert, Performance
Anis Wiji Astuti, Sutrisno Hartana, Vancouver Community Gamelan
An Incompleat History of the Voice
Nov 19, 1997 Performance
Carol Sawyer
Mind Your Body
Nov 18, 1997 Media Artwork
Jane Ellison
Kate Craig in Residence
Nov 1 — Dec 31, 1997 Residency
Kate Craig
The Book of Chairs: New Video Furniture
Oct 29 — Dec 12, 1997 Exhibition
Jan Peacock
Und Wenn Du Gehst… And When You Go…
Oct 15, 1997 Media Artwork
Jürgen Brockmann
New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Improvisation Workshops
Oct 6 — Dec 15, 1997 Program
A Girl from China
Oct 1, 1997 Performance
Gu Xiong, Gu Yu
Henry Tsang and Olaf Nicolai Artist Exchange
Oct 1 — Nov 30, 1997 Exhibition, Residency
Olaf Nicolai, Henry Tsang
Jürgen Brockmann in Residence
Oct 1 — 31, 1997 Residency
Jürgen Brockmann
Concert by John Oliver, Wes Wregget, and Paul Dresher
Sep 28, 1997 Concert, Performance
Paul Dresher, John Oliver, Wes Wregget
Concert by Standing Wave
Sep 27, 1997 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
Concert by Alex Varty, Greg Lowe, and Ron Samworth
Sep 26, 1997 Concert, Performance
Greg Lowe, Ron Samworth, Alex Varty
Guitarévolution: The Future of the Electric Guitar
Sep 26 — 28, 1997 Program
Through the Soles of My Mother's Feet
Sep 17, 1997 Installation, Media Artwork
Zainub Verjee
Sep 17 — Oct 17, 1997 Exhibition
Andrew Power
Concert by The Schismatics
Jun 27, 1997 Concert, Performance
The Schismatics
Concert by Fred Van Hove
Jun 26, 1997 Concert, Performance
Fred Van Hove
Concert by Benoit Delbecq, Steve Argüelles, Michael Moore, and François Houle
Jun 25, 1997 Concert, Performance
Steve Arguëlles, Benoit Delbecq, François Houle, Michael Moore
Concert by John Butcher and Georg Gräwe
Jun 24, 1997 Concert, Performance
John Butcher, Georg Gräwe
Concert by Barry Guy and Maya Homburger
Jun 23, 1997 Concert, Performance
Barry Guy, Maya Homburger
New Winds
Jun 22, 1997 Concert, Performance
Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg, Herb Robertson
Performance Byte
Jun 21, 1997 Performance
Michael Dean, Mike Malone, Steve McCaffery, Ted Moses, Don Naduriak, Steven Smith, Vincent Trasov
Concert by Gregorio Guillermo, Mat Maneri, François Houle, and Peggy Lee
Jun 21, 1997 Concert, Performance
Gregorio Guillermo, François Houle, Peggy Lee, Mat Maneri
Concert by Gregorio Guillermo, Mat Maneri, and Pandelis Karayorgis
Jun 20, 1997 Concert, Performance
Gregorio Guillermo, Pandelis Karayorgis, Mat Maneri
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 20 — 27, 1997 Program
A Handful and a Mouth Full
Jun 18, 1997 Performance
Joelle Ciona, Elaine Carol, Daisy Del Monte, Yanna Dancer, J. McLaughlin, Marlene Madison-Plimley, Miss Cherry Poptart, Polly Schulke, Carol Sawyer, Constanza Silva
Concert by Gamelan Madu Sari with Djoko Walujo, Sutrisno Hartana, and Anis Wiji Astuti
Jun 1, 1997 Concert, Performance
Anis Wiji Astuti, Gamelan Madu Sari, Sutrisno Hartana, Djoko Walujo
Performance by James Luna
May 28, 1997 Performance
James Luna
Reaching for Paradise
May 27 — Jun 27, 1997 Exhibition
Odette LeBlanc
Closing Plenary Speaker - Body Electric, Electronic Art's Festival
May 18, 1997 Talk
Randy Lee Cutler
Electronic Cabaret
May 18, 1997 Installation, Performance
Oliver Hockenhull, Susan Kozel, Lisa Naugle, Thecla Schiphorst, Lori Weidenhammer
New Music, New Media
May 17, 1997 Talk
Isabelle Berteletti, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Florent Haladjian, Lê Quan Ninh, Jocelyn Robert, Andrew Schloss
May 17, 1997 Talk
Nancy Paterson
Mappings and Musings: A Kitsilano Soundscape
May 17, 1997 Performance
Collective Echoes
Concert by Quatuor Hêlios with Andrew Schloss
May 16, 1997 Concert, Performance
Quatuor Helios, Andrew Schloss
Le Piano Flou
May 15, 1997 Concert, Performance
Jocelyn Robert
Sub. Version
May 15, 1997 Performance
Jun Oenoki
The Electronic Arts Festival: Body Electric
May 14 — 18, 1997 Program
Orphans and Dogs
May 6, 1997 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Fischer
Performance by Dadang Christanto
Apr 26, 1997 Performance
Dadang Christanto
Apr 16 — May 18, 1997 Exhibition
Daniel Jolliffe
Cabeza Abajo (Head down)
Apr 11, 1997 Media Artwork
Tania Bruguera
Discover Oral Hygiene
Mar 16, 1997 Media Artwork
Tagny Duff
Sonic Boom (Night 4): Morris, Nielson, Thorpe, Tibbits, Frykberg, Czink
Mar 15, 1997 Concert, Performance
Andrew Czink, Susan Frykberg, Lowell Morris, Bruce Nielson, Joshua Thorpe, Joël Tibbits
Sonic Boom (Night 3): Armanini, Keefer, Pack, Peach, Rickard, Nessel
Mar 14, 1997 Concert, Performance
Mark Armanini, Euphrosyne Keefer, Linda Nessel, Bradshaw Pack, Earle Peach, Sylvia Rickard
Sonic Boom (Night 2): Wilson, Lee, Diebel, Dobrinsky, Keller, Wang
Mar 13, 1997 Concert, Performance
Alex Diebel, Beverly Dobrinsky, Damian Keller, Brent Lee, Scott D. Wilson, Ya-Wen Vivienne Wang
Sonic Boom: The Ninth Annual Festival of Composers
Mar 12 — 15, 1997 Program
Sonic Boom (Night 1): Bushnell, Dyck, Fitzell, Morlock, Lee, Pelles
Mar 12, 1997 Concert, Performance
Michael Bushnell, Robert Dyck, Gordon Fitzell, Siaw Kin Lee, Jocelyn Morlock, Randy Pelles
Mar 1, 1997 Performance
Archer Pechawis
Digital Drum
Mar 1, 1997 Performance
Archer Pechawis
Tania Bruguera in Residence
Mar 1 — Apr 1, 1997 Residency
Tania Bruguera
Feb 26 — Mar 28, 1997 Exhibition
Andreas Hintermaier
EAWS 10 - Advanced Image Creation
Feb 25, 1997 Workshop
Improvisation Workshop
Feb 23, 1997 Workshop
Joëlle Léandre
Networking Session: Where are Women Improvisers?
Feb 23, 1997 Talk, Workshop, Gathering
Beth Custer, Lori Freedman, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Joëlle Léandre , Marilyn Lerner, Moreen Meriden
Concert by Joëlle Léandre and Vancouver Improvising Ensemble of Women (V.I.E.W)
Feb 22, 1997 Concert, Performance
Joëlle Léandre , V.I.E.W. Ensemble
Concert by Beth Custer
Feb 21, 1997 Concert, Performance
Beth Custer
Concert by Kate Hammet-Vaughan, DB Boyko, and Moreen Meriden
Feb 20, 1997 Concert, Performance
DB Boyko, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Moreen Meriden
Women in View
Feb 20 — 23, 1997 Program
EAWS 5 - Frame Animation With Photoshop
Feb 18, 1997 Workshop
International Circuit of Electroacoustic Music
Feb 16, 1997 Concert, Performance
Unity Ball Drag King and Queen Cabaret
Feb 14, 1997 Performance
Steve Anthony, Nadine Chambers, Ivan Coyote, Yako D'Arborn, Agnes Huang, Henry Koo, E. Kage, Burcu Ozdemir, Gloria Orangina, Michelle Sylliboy, Lisa Valencia-Svensson, Glenn Watts, E. Centime Zeleke
Performance by Jan Świdziński
Feb 12, 1997 Performance
Jan Świdziński
EAWS 3 - Introduction to MAX Programming
Feb 11, 1997 Workshop
Jan Świdziński in Residence
Feb 9 — 16, 1997 Residency
Jan Świdziński
Something is Wrong
Feb 8, 1997 Media Artwork
Christof Migone
Sometimes Stitches are Necessary
Feb 8, 1997 Media Artwork
Christof Migone
Sometimes the Memory is Enough
Feb 8, 1997 Media Artwork
Christof Migone
EAWS 2 - Low Power Radio
Jan 26, 1997 Workshop
Electronic Arts Workshop Series
Jan 14 — Feb 25, 1997 Program
EAWS 1 - Signals and Numbers
Jan 14, 1997 Workshop
Between Departure and Arrival
Jan 8 — Feb 8, 1997 Exhibition
Jin-me Yoon
fluid space
1997 Media Artwork
Antonia Hirsch
EAWS 9 - Sensors and Input/Output Devices
Dec 16, 1996 Workshop
Concert by Standing Wave
Dec 13, 1996 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
EAWS 8 - Using JAVA for Interaction and Animation
Dec 10, 1996 Workshop
New Orchestra Workshop Final Concert
Dec 9, 1996 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Reading by Ashok Mathur
Dec 7, 1996 Concert, Performance
Ashok Mathur
EAWS 7 - Gif Animation for Websites
Dec 3, 1996 Workshop
EAWS 5 - Frame Animation With Photoshop
Nov 26, 1996 Workshop
Performance by Cathy Sisler
Nov 20, 1996 Performance
Cathy Sisler
Lullaby for the Almost Falling Woman
Nov 19, 1996 Media Artwork
Cathy Sisler
La Femme Ecran - The Reflexive Woman
Nov 13 — Dec 14, 1996 Exhibition
Cathy Sisler
EAWS 6 - MAX Programming
Nov 12, 1996 Workshop
Concert by Georg Gräwe, Frank Gratkowski, and François Houle
Nov 3, 1996 Concert, Performance
Georg Gräwe, Frank Gratkowski, François Houle
Concert by Jaap Blonk
Nov 2, 1996 Concert, Performance
Jaap Blonk
Concert by What We Live (Four)
Nov 1, 1996 Concert, Performance
What We Live (Four)
Time Flies
Nov 1 — 3, 1996 Program
Domingo Cisneros in Residence
Nov 1 — Dec 31, 1996 Residency
Domingo Cisneros
EAWS 4 - Video Conferencing
Oct 22, 1996 Workshop
Augur & Pretend Not To See Me
Oct 16, 1996 Performance
Colette Urban
EAWS 3 - Interactive QuickTime Video
Oct 8, 1996 Workshop
New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society: Improvised Music Workshops
Oct 7 — Dec 9, 1996 Program
Jaap Blonk, Rob Blakesly, Jack Duncan, Hugh Fraser, Bruce Freedman, François Houle, John Korsrud, NOW Society Ensemble, Dylan van der Schyff
Sep 25 — Oct 26, 1996 Exhibition
Yoko Takashima
EAWS 2 - Low Power Radio
Sep 24, 1996 Workshop
Dangerous Border Game
Sep 21, 1996 Talk
Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Suzanne Lacy
Dangerous Border Game
Sep 18, 1996 Performance
Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Roberto Sifuentes
EAWS 1 - Signals and Numbers
Sep 10, 1996 Workshop
Electronic Arts Workshop Series
Sep 10 — Dec 16, 1996 Program
Jennifer Abbott in Residence
Sep 1 — 30, 1996 Residency
Jennifer Abbott
Postcards from the Feminist Utopia
Sep 1 — 30, 1996 Exhibition
Lori Blondeau, Joanne Bristol, Sue Bustin, Sue Chafe, Lori Weidenhammer, Marina Zurkow
Concert by John Law and Louis Moholo
Jun 28, 1996 Concert, Performance
John Law, Louis Moholo
Concert by Ab Baars
Jun 27, 1996 Concert, Performance
Ab Baars
Concert by Melvyn Poore and Martin Blume
Jun 26, 1996 Concert, Performance
Martin Blume, Melvyn Poore
Concert by Canvas Trio
Jun 25, 1996 Concert, Performance
Rüdiger Carl, Joëlle Léandre , Carlos Zingaro
Concert by François Houle, Joëlle Léandre, and Vinny Golia
Jun 24, 1996 Concert, Performance
Vinny Golia, François Houle, Joëlle Léandre
Concert by Carlos Zingaro with Peggy Lee
Jun 23, 1996 Concert, Performance
Peggy Lee, Carlos Zingaro
Concert by Paul Plimley and Trichy Sankaran
Jun 22, 1996 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley, Trichy Sankaran
Concert by Gush
Jun 21, 1996 Concert, Performance
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 21 — 28, 1996 Program
One Fine Evening
Jun 19, 1996 Performance
John Boehme, Tagny Duff, Yanna Dancer, Robert Delford Brown, July Fourth Toilet, Marlene Madison-Plimley, Jonathan Wells
Summer Workshop in Central Javanese Gamelan
Jun 15, 1996 Workshop
Over/Hearing and Consumption
Jun 5 — 29, 1996 Exhibition
Tasse Geldart
Gamelan Madu Sari presents an evening of Javanese Gamelan
Jun 1, 1996 Concert, Performance
Hidden Treasures
May 8 — Jun 1, 1996 Exhibition
Andreas Kahre, Barbara Sherman, Johanna Stark
Marusya Bociurkiw with Natalie Olanick in Residence
May 1 — 31, 1996 Residency
Marusya Bociurkiw, Natalie Olanick
Reading by David Milgaard
Apr 27, 1996 Reading, Performance
David Milgaard
Body Machine: Whose Body
Apr 21, 1996 Talk
Diana Burgoyne, Diane Gromala, Scott Morrison
Discussion with Members of Western Front Multimedia Group
Apr 21, 1996 Talk
Margaret Gallagher, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Steven Zur
Narrowing the Gap Between Self, Body, and Machine
Apr 21, 1996 Talk
Wende Bartley
Personal in Electronic Media
Apr 21, 1996 Talk
Wende Bartley, Susan Frykberg, Matt Rogalsky, Cornelia Wyngaarden, Paul Wong
Apr 20, 1996 Installation, Media Artwork
Santiago Bose
Talk by Hank Bull
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Hank Bull
Future Directions in Digital Technology
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Oliver Hockenhull, Robin Oppenheimer
Talk by Oliver Hockenhull and Thecla Schiphorst
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Oliver Hockenhull, Thecla Schiphorst
Discussion with Monster Central
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Nancy Duff, Susan Edelstein, Monique Genton, Antonia Hirsch, Joy Henley, Jenn Lewis, Katherine Lee, Monster Central, Alison Mactaggart, Lori Macintosh, Johanna Stark, Sandra Seekins, Sharla Sava, Jill Weaving
Talk by Sylvia Scott
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Sylvia Scott
Electronic Cabaret
Apr 20, 1996 Performance
DB Boyko, Diana Burgoyne, Bob Caldwell, Ken Gregory, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Matt Rogalsky, Nancy White
Talk by Ken Gregory
Apr 20, 1996 Talk
Ken Gregory
Three Hands Clapping
Apr 19, 1996 Performance
Martin Gotfrit
Down Into the Heartbeat of Mystery
Apr 19, 1996 Performance
Wende Bartley
Lecture by Santiago Bose
Apr 19, 1996 Talk
Santiago Bose
Artist Technician Collaboration
Apr 19, 1996 Talk
Elizabeth Fischer, Nelson Gray, Ken Gregory
Censorship on the Internet
Apr 19, 1996 Talk
Kay Stockholder
Digital Identities
Apr 19, 1996 Talk
Paul Perchal, Zainub Verjee
Copyright on the Infohighway
Apr 19, 1996 Talk
Apr 18, 1996 Performance
Matt Rogalsky
The Electronic Arts Festival: Designing an Interactive Future
Apr 18 — 21, 1996 Program
Artists' Talk by Lani Maestro, Santiago Bose, and Marilou Esguerra
Apr 6, 1996 Talk
Santiago Bose, Marilou Esguerra, Lani Maestro
Interview with Matt Rogalsky
Apr 1 — 30, 1996 Talk
Matt Rogalsky
Ken Gregory in Residence
Apr 1 — 30, 1996 Residency
Ken Gregory
Talk by Suzanne Lacy
Mar 29, 1996 Talk
Suzanne Lacy
Bodymaps: Artifacts of Mortality
Mar 19 — Apr 26, 1996 Exhibition
Thecla Schiphorst
Santiago Bose in Residence
Mar 17 — Apr 17, 1996 Exhibition
Santiago Bose
Readings by David W. McFadden, Helen Potrebenko, Lola Lemire Tostevin, and bill bissett
Mar 16, 1996 Reading
Paul McCarthy: Lecture on Performance Art
Feb 28, 1996 Talk
Paul McCarthy
The Alphabet
Feb 23, 1996 Performance
François Houle, Catriona Strang
The Mercifully Short Program
Feb 14, 1996 Screening, Talk
Sheila Urbanoski
Webslinging with Mistress Cybernoski
Feb 13, 1996 Workshop
Sheila Urbanoski
Toxic (Yellow River)
Feb 10, 1996 Media Artwork
Peter Courtemanche
Concert by Rattan Mohan Sharma
Feb 10, 1996 Concert, Performance
Rattan Mohan Sharma
Invisible Crowds
Feb 3 — Mar 2, 1996 Exhibition
Hayley Newman
Ron Samworth and Kate Hammet-Vaughan in Residence
Feb 1 — 29, 1996 Residency
Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Ron Samworth
Artists' Plan for False Creek Flats
Jan 31, 1996 Talk
Concert by Kathleen Yearwood
Jan 27, 1996 Concert, Performance
Kathleen Yearwood
Robert Filliou: From Political to Poetical Economy
Jan 27 — Mar 2, 1996 Exhibition
Robert Filliou
Concert by Lay Tuan Tan and Peggy Lee
Jan 26, 1996 Concert, Performance
Peggy Lee, Lay Tuan Tan
Concert by Hildegard Westerkamp, Maggi Payne, and Laetitia Sonami
Jan 25, 1996 Concert, Performance
Maggi Payne, Laetitia Sonami, Hildegard Westerkamp
Women in View
Jan 25 — 27, 1996 Program
Performance by Laetitia Sonami
Jan 24, 1996 Performance
Laetitia Sonami
Reading by Jodey Castricano, Jacqueline Larson, and Roy Miki
Jan 19, 1996 Reading, Performance
Jodey Castricano, Jacqueline Larson, Roy Miki
Art's Birthday
Jan 17, 1996 Performance
Hank Bull, Don Chow, Peter Courtemanche, Colin Griffiths, Kathy Kennedy, Bobbi Kozinuk, Bill Mullan, Judy Radul, Adam Sloan, Zainub Verjee, Lori Weidenhammer
Media Workshops by Oliver Hockenhull
Jan 11 — 15, 1996 Program
Oliver Hockenhull
The French Revolution in Three Parts
Jan 10, 1996 Performance
Phillip McCrum
Christof Migone in Residence
Jan 1 — 31, 1996 Residency
Christof Migone
Old Flames
Dec 10, 1995 Concert, Performance
Irene Aebi, Steve Lacy
Reading by George Stanley
Dec 8, 1995 Reading, Performance
George Stanley
Concert by New Orchestra Workshop (NOW)
Dec 4, 1995 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Including Her Limits
Dec 2, 1995 Talk
Carolee Schneemann
First Nations Women: Reading from the Heart
Nov 25, 1995 Reading
Mahara Allbrett, Vera Manuel, Gunargie O'Sullivan
Nov 14 — Dec 16, 1995 Exhibition
Kathleen Moynahan
Name the Speaker, Toast the City
Nov 13, 1995 Media Artwork
Margaret Dragu, Eric Metcalfe, Andrew James Paterson
Performance: A Performance
Nov 9, 1995 Performance
Andrew James Paterson
Concert by Talking Pictures
Nov 4, 1995 Concert, Performance
Talking Pictures
On Happiness and the Virtues of Field Transit
Nov 3, 1995 Concert, Performance
Ben Azarm, Sam Ashley
Concert by Paul Plimley and Robyn Schulkowsky
Nov 2, 1995 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley, Robyn Schulkowsky
Time Flies
Nov 2 — 4, 1995 Program
Dalang I Wayan Wija: Balinese Music and Shadow Puppet Ensemble
Oct 29, 1995 Performance
I Wayan Wija
Dalang I Wayan Wija: Balinese Music and Shadow Puppet Ensemble
Oct 28, 1995 Performance
I Wayan Wija
Dalang I Wayan Wija: Balinese Music and Shadow Puppet Ensemble
Oct 28 — 29, 1995
I Wayan Wija
Reading by Lydia Kwa and Daphne Marlatt
Oct 26, 1995 Reading, Performance
Lydia Kwa, Daphne Marlatt
Opera Aria
Oct 25, 1995 Media Artwork
Fernando Arias
Glass Slide Loops
Oct 25, 1995 Installation
Fernando Arias
New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society: Improvised Music Workshops
Oct 2 — Dec 4, 1995 Program
NOW Society Ensemble
Sex Sells
Oct 1 — 31, 1995 Exhibition
Susan Edelstein
Fernando Arias Gaviria in Residence
Sep 15 — Oct 30, 1995 Residency
Fernando Arias
Reading by Judith Copithorne and Maxine Gadd
Sep 15, 1995 Reading, Performance
Judith Copithorne, Maxine Gadd
Danger Signs
Sep 5 — Oct 7, 1995 Exhibition
Susan Schuppli
Henry Tsang in Residence
Sep 1 — 30, 1995 Residency
Henry Tsang
Address Unknown
Aug 31, 1995 Media Artwork
Amy Harrison
The Numbers Game (The Counting Game)
Aug 30, 1995 Installation, Performance
Kathy Kennedy
The Third Annual Summer Workshop in the Rich Classical Percussion Music of Central Java, Known as Gamelan
Jul 2 — 15, 1995 Workshop
Concert by Joëlle Léandre
Jun 29, 1995 Concert, Performance
Joëlle Léandre
Concert by What We Live (Four)
Jun 28, 1995 Concert, Performance
What We Live (Four)
Concert by Khac Chi Ensemble
Jun 27, 1995 Concert, Performance
Khac Chi Ensemble
Concert by Guus Janssen Trio
Jun 26, 1995 Concert, Performance
Guus Janssen Trio
Concert by Joe Williamson Quartet
Jun 25, 1995 Concert, Performance
Joe Williamson Quartet
Concert by The Recyclers
Jun 24, 1995 Concert, Performance
The Recyclers
Compositions of George E. Lewis
Jun 23, 1995 Concert, Performance
George Lewis
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 23 — 30, 1995 Program
Icons, Textures, Words
Jun 22, 1995 Media Artwork
Jenny Marketou
Wiener as Marconi
Jun 10, 1995 Media Artwork
Bobbi Kozinuk, Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Centre of the Universe
Jun 7, 1995 Performance
Joanne Bristol, Carla Powers
Electronic Eve
Jun 6 — Jul 1, 1995
Jenny Marketou
George Lewis in Residence
Jun 1 — Jul 31, 1995 Residency
George Lewis
Concert by Stefano Scodanibbio
May 31, 1995 Concert, Performance
Stefano Scodanibbio
Reading by Melissa Wolsak, Dan Farrell, and Peter Culley
May 20, 1995 Reading, Performance
Peter Culley, Dan Farrell, Melissa Wolsak
May 18, 1995 Media Artwork
Shawn Chappelle
May 18, 1995 Media Artwork
Shawn Chappelle
Ozone Remix
May 18, 1995 Media Artwork
Shawn Chappelle
Ten Skakel (My Baby)
May 18, 1995 Media Artwork
T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss
Screening by Cease Wyss and Shawn Chappelle
May 18, 1995 Screening
Shawn Chappelle, T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss
Reading by Nadine Chambers, Larissa Lai, and Shamina Senaratne
May 17, 1995 Reading, Performance
Nadine Chambers, Larissa Lai, Shamina Senaratne
Sonic Boom (Night 4)
May 6, 1995 Concert, Performance
Sonic Boom (Night 3)
May 5, 1995 Concert, Performance
Sonic Boom (Night 2)
May 4, 1995 Concert, Performance
Sonic Boom (Night 1)
May 3, 1995 Concert, Performance
8th Annual Sonic Boom Festival
May 3 — 6, 1995 Program
Wymmn's Leap Day
May 2, 1995 Talk, Performance
Andra McCartney
Kathy Kennedy in Residence
May 1 — 31, 1995 Residency
Kathy Kennedy
Computer Interactive Workshop: Designing an Interactive Environment
Apr 21 — 23, 1995
Standing Retro-Waves
Apr 14, 1995 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
Reading by Gerald Creede, Peter Cummings, and Deanna Ferguson
Apr 12, 1995 Reading, Performance
Gerald Creede, Peter Cummings, Deanna Ferguson
Apr 9, 1995 Performance, Reading
(Kan ya ma Kan) There was and there was not
Apr 4 — May 12, 1995 Exhibition
Jayce Salloum
Mar 22, 1995 Installation, Media Artwork
Peter Courtemanche
Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 18, 1995 Performance
Steve Anthony, Yanna Dancer, Elizabeth Fischer, Michelle Frey, Andrea Fatona, Margaret Gallagher, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Kedrick James, Jerome Jarvis, Bodie MacNeil, J. McLaughlin, Alexandra Oliver, Carol Sawyer, Brian Tate, Michael Turner, Ross Watkins
Media Workshops by Elizabeth Fischer
Mar 14 — 16, 1995 Workshop
Elizabeth Fischer
Standing Retro-Waves
Mar 10, 1995 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
Standing Retro-Waves: The Sound of Mixed Media
Mar 10 — Apr 14, 1995 Program
Goodnight, Aubergine
Mar 8, 1995 Performance
Lori Weidenhammer
Auction Preview Exhibition
Mar 1 — 4, 1995 Exhibition
Imbalance 2, Simple Experiments in Aerodynamics
Feb 28, 1995 Installation, Media Artwork
George Bures Miller
Ophelia / Oscilloscope
Feb 28, 1995 Media Artwork
Carol Sawyer
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller in Residence: The Dark Pool
Feb 25 — Mar 24, 1995 Residency
George Bures Miller, Janet Cardiff
Hear it NOW 1995: Talking Pictures
Feb 15, 1995 Concert, Performance
Talking Pictures
René Lussier and Pierre Tanguay in Residence
Feb 12 — 17, 1995 Residency
René Lussier, Pierre Tanguay
Concert by Peter Hannan and Henry Kucharzyk
Feb 11, 1995 Concert, Performance
Peter Hannan, Henry Kucharzyk
Concert by Shweta Jhaveri
Feb 4, 1995 Concert, Performance
Shweta Jhaveri
Loose Connections
Jan 28, 1995 Concert, Performance
Kathy Kennedy
Concert by Cliq
Jan 27, 1995 Concert, Performance
Katherine Duncanson, Shannon Peet, Holly Small
Concert by Zeellia
Jan 26, 1995 Concert, Performance
Women In View
Jan 22 — Feb 4, 1995 Program
Media Workshops by Derek Dowden
Jan 17 — 24, 1995 Workshop
Derek Dowden
A Decade of Video Production 1980-1990
Jan 10 — Feb 10, 1995 Exhibition
Lorraine Dufour, Robert Morin
1995 Performance
Judy Radul
Carol Sawyer in Residence
Jan 1 — 31, 1995 Residency
Carol Sawyer
Cease Wyss in Residence
Jan 1 — 31, 1995 Residency
T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss
New Years Eve Telecommunications
Dec 31, 1994 Performance
24 Hours of Radio/Art Volume III - WENR 89.3 MHz
Dec 17, 1994 Performance
Peter Courtemanche, Bobbi Kozinuk, Bill Mullan, Adam Sloan
New Orchestra Workshop (NOW) Society Improvisation Workshops
Dec 15, 1994
New Orchestra Workshop Performance
Dec 15, 1994 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Concert by Standing Wave
Dec 9, 1994 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
Workshop by Graham Ord
Dec 5, 1994 Workshop
Graham Ord
Zainub Verjee in Residence
Dec 1 — 30, 1994 Residency
Zainub Verjee
Lexie Montgomery in Residence
Dec 1 — 30, 1994 Residency
Lexie Montgomery
Shawn Chappelle in Residence
Dec 1 — 30, 1994
Shawn Chappelle
when I turned three I had two younger sisters, now I am 39
Nov 30, 1994 Performance
Jill Fraser
Workshop by Paul Plimley
Nov 28, 1994 Workshop
Paul Plimley
Talk by Petre Nikoloski
Nov 22, 1994 Talk
Petre Nikoloski
Bardo Gap
Nov 21, 1994 Media Artwork
Margaret Dragu
Workshop by Kate Hammet-Vaughan
Nov 21, 1994 Workshop
Kate Hammett-Vaughan
Workshop by François Houle
Nov 14, 1994 Workshop
François Houle
The Fragility of Origins
Nov 8 — Dec 16, 1994 Exhibition
Cornelia Wyngaarden
Workshop by Tony Wilson
Nov 7, 1994 Workshop
Tony Wilson
Performance by Screen
Nov 6, 1994 Concert, Performance
Concert by Glenn Horiuchi, Lillian Nakano, and Francis Wong
Nov 5, 1994 Concert, Performance
Glenn Horiuchi, Lillian Nakano, Francis Wong
Concert by Fritz Hauser, Urs Leimgruber, and Kate Hammet-Vaughan
Nov 4, 1994 Concert, Performance
Fritz Hauser, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Urs Leimgruber
Concert by Michael Snow and Jack Vorvis
Nov 3, 1994 Concert, Performance
Michael Snow, Jack Vorvis
Time Flies
Nov 3 — 6, 1994 Program
Workshop by Kedrick James
Oct 31, 1994 Workshop
Kedrick James
Couples Photo Album, Vancouver
Oct 26, 1994 Media Artwork
Vivan Sundaram
Workshop by John Korsrud
Oct 24, 1994 Workshop
John Korsrud
Workshop by Coat Cooke and Ron Samworth
Oct 17, 1994 Workshop
Nikki Carter, Ron Samworth
Telepoetics with Hollywood
Oct 3, 1994 Performance, Reading
Heather Haley
Vivan Sundaram in Residence
Oct 2 — 31, 1994 Residency
Vivan Sundaram
Concert by Daniel Scheidt and Robert Kyr
Sep 19, 1994 Concert, Performance
Robert Kyr, Dan Scheidt
Temporal Ceremonial Space, Flags for the Western Front, The Elba Box
Sep 13 — Oct 14, 1994 Exhibition
Erik Odijk, Ania Rachmat
Daniel Scheidt and Robert Kyr in Residence
Sep 6 — 22, 1994 Residency
Robert Kyr, Dan Scheidt
Dialogues: Sexuality Component
Aug 25, 1994 Media Artwork
Henry Tsang
Javanese Gamelan Music Intensive
Jul 4 — 17, 1994 Program
Eve of the Future
Jul 2, 1994 Concert, Performance
Kazue Mizushima
Concert by Bob Ostertag
Jul 1, 1994 Concert, Performance
Bob Ostertag
Concert by Joe McPhee, Paul Plimley, and Lisle Ellis
Jun 30, 1994 Concert, Performance
Lisle Ellis, Joe McPhee, Paul Plimley
Concert by David Lopato, Mark Dresser, and Gerry Hemingway
Jun 29, 1994 Concert, Performance
Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway, David Lopato
Concert by News From the Shed
Jun 28, 1994 Concert, Performance
News From The Shed
Concert by Ben Goldberg, Ab Baars, and Michael Moore
Jun 27, 1994 Concert, Performance
Ab Baars, Ben Goldberg, Michael Moore
Concert by Marilyn Lerner and Kieran Overs
Jun 26, 1994 Concert, Performance
Marilyn Lerner, Kieran Overs
Concert by Hans Kennel
Jun 25, 1994 Concert, Performance
Hans Kennel
Concert by Michael Century
Jun 24, 1994 Concert, Performance
Michael Century
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 24 — Jul 1, 1994 Program
The Woman Who Loved Airports
Jun 3, 1994 Reading, Screening
Marusya Bociurkiw
Sound Technicians' Workshop
May 22, 1994 Workshop
Ashes to Flowers...The Breathing
May 21 — Jun 21, 1994 Exhibition
Shauna Beharry
Die Laughing: A Commedietta
May 17 — Jul 1, 1994 Exhibition
D.I.R.T., Beth Gibson, Deirdre Logue, Kim Truchan
May 12, 1994 Performance
Dana Claxton
Concert by AMM
Apr 29, 1994 Concert, Performance
Concert by Steve Lacy and Irène Aebi with Nicholas Isherwood
Apr 28, 1994 Concert, Performance
Irene Aebi, Steve Lacy
TV Freenet
Apr 22, 1994 Media Artwork
Jeff Mann
Concert by Kyai Madu Sari
Apr 16, 1994 Concert, Performance
Gamelan Madu Sari, Joko Purwanto
Concert by Gamelan Kyai Madu Sari: Spring Sonoral
Apr 15, 1994 Concert, Performance
Gamelan Madu Sari
Jeff Mann in Residence
Apr 11 — 22, 1994 Residency
Jeff Mann
Talk by Laiwan: Information and Virtual Experience: A Taoist Approach
Apr 9, 1994 Talk
RetroVideoPerspectivio Tea Party
Apr 8, 1994 Screening, Gathering
Margaret Dragu
Concert by Jacques Diennet
Apr 5, 1994 Concert, Performance
Jacques Diennet
Body Movement Workshop
Apr 5 — 7, 1994 Workshop
Tari Ito
Talk by Boo editorial committee
Apr 2, 1994 Talk
Mike Barnholden, Deanna Ferguson, Dan Farrell, Phillip McCrum, Reid Shier, Mina Totino
Al Neil: Dollarton Dada - A Living Tribute
Mar 26, 1994 Concert, Gathering, Performance
Garbo's Hat, NOW Society Ensemble
Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 19, 1994 Performance
Steve Anthony, Hank Bull, Brice Canyon, Nikki Carter, Peter Cummings, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Holy Body Tattoo, Phillip McCrum, Eric Metcalfe, Lexie Montgomery, Paul Plimley, Crissy Red, Judy Radul, Lisa Robertson, Andrew Wilson
Revolutionary Songs
Mar 11, 1994 Concert, Performance
Tim Brady
Living in the Library
Mar 8 — Apr 29, 1994 Exhibition
21st Anniversary Gala and Art Auction
Mar 5, 1994 Gathering
Auction Preview Exhibition
Mar 2, 1994 Installation
Performance by Warren Arcand
Feb 25, 1994 Performance
Warren Arcand
Concert by Barry Guy
Feb 20, 1994 Concert, Performance
Barry Guy
Neighbourhood TV (NTV)
Feb 7 — 12, 1994 Residency
Tetsuo Kogawa
Talk and Demonstration by Tetsuo Kogawa
Feb 4, 1994 Talk
Tetsuo Kogawa
A New Human Relationship
Feb 4 — 14, 1994 Residency
Tetsuo Kogawa
Workshop by Diana Burgoyne: Electronics for the Uninitiated
Feb 1 — 22, 1994 Workshop
Diana Burgoyne
Concert by Shweta Jhaveri with Ravi Gutala and Anand Paranjpe
Jan 29, 1994 Concert, Performance
Ravi Gutala, Shweta Jhaveri, Anand Paranjpe
Concert by the Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet
Jan 28, 1994 Concert, Performance
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet
Women in View
Jan 27 — 29, 1994 Program
Concert by Garbo's Hat
Jan 27, 1994 Concert, Performance
Garbo's Hat
Pandora's Books
Jan 26, 1994 Performance
Deborah Dunn
Home Truths
Jan 18 — Feb 18, 1994 Exhibition
Ana Chang
Hard to Imagine: Illicit Homoerotic Photography and Film 1880-1969
Jan 15, 1994 Screening, Talk
Thomas Waugh
Art's Birthday: Imag(in)ing Network
Jan 13 — 20, 1994 Program
Shawn Chappelle, Grant Gregson, Eva Manly, Fernando Medrano, Jason Nielsen, Andrew Power, Dean Reca, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Jacqueline Verkley
Concert by Steve Lacy and Irene Aebi
Dec 31, 1993 Concert, Performance
Irene Aebi, Steve Lacy
Souvenir de la Chine
Dec 9, 1993 Media Artwork
Hank Bull, Kate Craig
Dec 9 — 11, 1993 Program
The Holy Forest
Dec 3, 1993 Reading, Performance
Robin Blaser
Helicopter Man
Nov 28, 1993 Media Artwork
Oscar McLennan
The Keeping
Nov 28, 1993 Media Artwork
Anne Seagrave
The Title Role
Nov 28, 1993 Media Artwork
Anne Seagrave
Anne Seagrave and Oscar McLennan in Residence
Nov 28 — Dec 31, 1993 Residency
Oscar McLennan, Anne Seagrave
Workshop by Diana Burgoyne: Electronics Made Simple
Nov 23 — Dec 14, 1993 Workshop
Diana Burgoyne
Orlan Telecom
Nov 21, 1993 Performance
Queensborough: Clearcutting the Neighbourhood?
Nov 2 — Dec 3, 1993 Exhibition
Lorna Boschman, Leanne Leduc
Sileas Dances
Nov 1 — 30, 1993 Performance
Anne Seagrave
Cold Turkey
Nov 1 — 30, 1993 Performance
Oscar McLennan
Workshop by Lalith Rao
Oct 30, 1993 Workshop
Lalith Rao
Concert by Bill Smith, David Lee, and Jim Munro
Oct 24, 1993 Concert, Performance
Bill Smith Ensemble
Concert by François Houle and Andreas Kahre
Oct 23, 1993 Concert, Performance
François Houle, Andreas Kahre
Concert by MORE
Oct 22, 1993 Concert, Performance
Time Flies
Oct 21 — 24, 1993 Program
Concert by Standing Wave
Oct 21, 1993 Concert, Performance
Standing Wave
Mz. Frankenstein
Sep 17, 1993 Performance
Tanya Mars
Exhibition by zachary longboy, Oliver Hockenhull, Phillip McCrum, and Mina Totino
Sep 14 — Oct 14, 1993 Exhibition
Oliver Hockenhull, zachary longboy, Phillip McCrum, Mina Totino
F. Scott Fitzgerald Tea Reunion
Sep 12, 1993 Performance
Glenn Lewis
Queer City: Triumph of Vulgarity
Sep 8, 1993 Performance
Bob Brown, Emily Faryna, Carlotta Gurl, Tanya Mars, Nhan Duc Nguyen, Crissy Red, Jimmi Schmooz, Christine Taylor, Andrew Wilson
Midnight Special
Sep 1 — 30, 1993 Media Artwork
Hank Bull
Ecoute s'il pleut
Aug 31, 1993 Media Artwork
Zainub Verjee
Big Fat Slenderella (The Big Fat Short)
Jul 31, 1993 Media Artwork
Lorna Boschman
Concert by Joe McPhee, Lisle Ellis, and Donald Robinson
Jul 2, 1993 Concert, Performance
Lisle Ellis, Joe McPhee, Donald Robinson
Concert by Geneviève Letarte and Don Ritter
Jul 1, 1993 Concert, Performance
Geneviève Letarte, Don Ritter
Concert by Robin Holcomb
Jun 30, 1993 Concert, Performance
Robin Holcomb
Concert by Wayne Horvitz Trio
Jun 29, 1993 Concert, Performance
Wayne Horvitz Trio
Concert by Steve Lacy and Horace Tapscott
Jun 28, 1993 Concert, Performance
Steve Lacy, Horace Tapscott
Concert by Jason Hwang & The Far East Side Band
Jun 27, 1993 Concert, Performance
Jason Hwang & The Far East Side Band
Concert by Barry Guy
Jun 26, 1993 Concert, Performance
Barry Guy
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 25 — Jul 2, 1993 Program
Concert by Paul Plimley
Jun 25, 1993 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley
Body and Time: Allegory at Bee Honey Honeycomb
Jun 20, 1993 Media Artwork
Goji Hamada
Night Camera
May 31, 1993 Concert, Performance
Darren Copeland, Lay Tuan Tan
The Surveyor
May 28, 1993 Performance
Stephen O'Connell
Re-Titled (Are You Coming Home?)
May 21, 1993 Performance
Tai Dang
Betrayal of Earth
May 18 — Jul 2, 1993 Exhibition
Melvin Dunn
May 18 — Jul 2, 1993 Exhibition
Melvin Dunn, Tai Dang, Stephen O'Connell
May 15, 1993 Media Artwork
Sutapa Biswas
Concert by Elizabeth Fischer
May 14, 1993 Concert, Performance
Elizabeth Fischer
Object/Subject of Desire
May 3, 1993 Media Artwork
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
Sutapa Biswas in Residence
May 1 — 31, 1993 Residency
Sutapa Biswas
Glenn Lewis in Residence
May 1 — 31, 1993 Residency
Glenn Lewis
Electronic Café Poetry Jam
Apr 9, 1993 Gathering, Performance
Hank Bull, Taki Bluesinger
FRONT: Stories for Video
Apr 6 — May 7, 1993 Exhibition
Mary Medusa
Apr 3, 1993 Media Artwork
Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan
Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 20, 1993 Performance
Steve Anthony, Warren Arcand, Lorna Boschman, Anna Banana, Gerald Creede, Margaret Dragu, François Houle, Phillip McCrum, Crissy Red, Catriona Strang, The Vulgares
Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 19, 1993 Performance
Steve Anthony, Warren Arcand, Peter Bingham, Lorna Boschman, Anna Banana, Gerald Creede, Margaret Dragu, François Houle, Phillip McCrum, Crissy Red, Catriona Strang, The Vulgares
Cabaret Vulgare
Mar 19 — 20, 1993 Program
Steve Anthony, Warren Arcand, Peter Bingham, Lorna Boschman, Anna Banana, Gerald Creede, Margaret Dragu, François Houle, Phillip McCrum, Crissy Red, Catriona Strang, The Vulgares
Auction Preview Exhibition
Mar 3, 1993 Gathering, Installation
Pythagoras' Ghost
Mar 1, 1993 Media Artwork
Martin Bartlett
Pythagoras' Ghost
Mar 1, 1993 Publication
Martin Bartlett
Up Front
Feb 16 — Mar 26, 1993 Exhibition
Chick Rice
The Immeasurable House of Being: A Celebration/Exploration of the Life and Works of E.E. Cummings
Feb 10 — 13, 1993 Installation, Performance
Trio Stanza
Paris - Vancouver Slowscan 93
Feb 7, 1993 Performance, Media Artwork
Gwek Bure-Soh
The Telematic Tea Party
Feb 7, 1993 Talk
Roy Ascott, Tom Sherman
Performance by Scott Tate
Feb 5, 1993 Performance
Scott Tate
Western Front Sound Signature
Feb 1, 1993 Media Artwork
Rober Racine
Digital Art Workshop
Feb 1 — Apr 5, 1993 Workshop
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Tsunami Editions Benefit Readings
Jan 30, 1993 Reading, Gathering
Concert by Susan Frykberg, Tina Pearson, and Philip Djwa
Jan 22, 1993 Concert, Performance
Phillip Djwa, Susan Frykberg, Tina Pearson
Art's Birthday: Celebration and Protest
Jan 16 — 17, 1993 Performance
Humane Society
Jan 5 — Feb 5, 1993 Exhibition
Ricardo Estanislao Zulueta
Personal Size
1993 Performance
Judy Radul
20th Anniversary Tea Party
1993 Gathering
Concert by Kyai Madu Sari
Dec 18, 1992 Concert, Performance
Gamelan Madu Sari
Performance by Fulcrum
Dec 12 — 13, 1992 Performance
Barbara Bourget, Elizabeth Dancoes, Jeff Leese, Teri Snelgrove
Sonic Boom: Panel Discussion
Dec 8, 1992 Talk
Sakehi'towin Onipowak
Nov 29, 1992 Performance
Âhasiw Maskêgon-Iskwêw
Concert by Stellar Sax Quartet
Nov 23, 1992 Concert, Performance
Stellar Sax Quartet
Inglish: Writing With an Accent
Nov 20, 1992 Reading, Talk
Marie Annhart Baker, Ayanna Black, Jam. Ismail, Robert Kroetsch, Smaro Kamboureli, Ashok Mathur, Aruna Srivastava, Fred Wah, Betsy Warland, Aritha van Herk
Performance by Sandra Lockwood
Nov 18, 1992 Performance
Sandra Lockwood
Workshop by Shweta Jhaveri
Nov 15, 1992 Workshop
Shweta Jhaveri
Distance of Distinct Vision
Nov 10 — Dec 18, 1992 Exhibition
Concert by Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Ione, and Randy Raine Reusch
Oct 5, 1992 Concert, Performance
Stuart Dempster, Ione, Pauline Oliveros, Randy Raine-Reusch
Iskra 1903
Oct 5, 1992 Concert, Performance
Barry Guy, Paul Rutherford, Phil Wachsmann
Concert by Wende Bartley, Susan Frykberg, and Hildegard Westerkamp
Oct 4, 1992 Concert, Performance
Wende Bartley, Susan Frykberg, Hildegard Westerkamp
Amphibious Tales and News from Hyperspace
Oct 3, 1992 Concert, Performance
DB Boyko, Andreas Kahre, Kenneth Newby, Mark Parlett
Brick on Brick
Oct 2, 1992 Concert, Performance
Jean François Estager, James Giroudon, Alain Joule, Barre Phillips
New Music Across America
Oct 1 — 5, 1992 Program
Architecture Body Parallax
Sep 22 — Oct 30, 1992 Exhibition
Alexander Pills
Piazza Virtuale
Sep 18, 1992 Installation
Van Gogh TV
To Shine
Sep 10 — Oct 11, 1992 Exhibition
Judy Radul
Battle of the Titans
Jul 30, 1992 Media Artwork
Kati Campbell
Concert by Katrina Krimsky Trio
Jun 26, 1992 Concert, Performance
Katrina Krimsky Trio
Concert by Shweta Jhaveri Trio
Jun 25, 1992 Concert, Performance
Shweta Jhaveri Trio
Concert by Maggie Nicols and Irène Schweizer
Jun 23, 1992 Concert, Performance
Maggie Nicols, Irène Schweizer
Concert by Alfred 23 Harth and Heinz Sauer
Jun 23, 1992 Concert, Performance
Alfred Harth, Heinz Sauer
Attitudinal Rapture Unlimited
Jun 22, 1992 Concert, Performance
Terry Crane, Andreas Kahre, Ian McIntosh, Karen Oliver
Concert by the Bill Smith Ensemble
Jun 21, 1992 Concert, Performance
Bill Smith Ensemble
Concert by Myra Melford Trio
Jun 20, 1992 Concert, Performance
Myra Melford Trio
Concert by Elizabeth Fischer and Group
Jun 19, 1992 Concert, Performance
Buff Allen, Jack Duncan, Mark Douglas, Elizabeth Fischer, Rick Kilburn, Peggy Lee
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 19 — 26, 1992 Program
Self Portrait
Jun 13, 1992 Performance
Goji Hamada
A Change of Face
May 30, 1992 Performance
Andrew Wilson
May 22, 1992 Media Artwork
Blind Spots
May 19 — Jun 19, 1992 Exhibition
Anne Ramsden
Fast Fax Food
May 14, 1992 Performance
Mathais Fuchs
Concert by Ivo Papasov and Orchestra
May 11, 1992 Concert, Performance
Ivo Papasov
Concert by Gerry Hemingway and Earl Howard
Apr 30, 1992 Concert, Performance
Gerry Hemingway, Earl Howard
In bocca al lupo (In the Mouth of the Wolf)
Apr 20, 1992 Concert, Performance
Rita McKeough
Free Media Mix
Apr 10, 1992 Media Artwork
Hank Bull
Tribute to Phyllis Webb
Mar 28, 1992 Reading, Gathering
Ayanna Black, Marie Annhart Baker, Robert Kroetsch, Smaro Kamboureli, Ashok Mathur, Daphne Marlatt, Michael Ondaatje, Aruna Srivastava, Lola Tostevin, Betsy Warland, Fred Wah, Aritha van Herk
Polymorphous Media
Mar 9, 1992 Workshop
Tetsuo Kogawa
T.V. Tumor
Feb 12, 1992 Performance
Marshall Weber
Feb 9, 1992 Performance
Chris Creighton-Kelly
Philosophically in Love
1992 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
1992 Media Artwork
Patrick Ready
Taste's Safe Feast
1992 Performance
Judy Radul
Interviews with Yvonne Parent
Dec 7, 1991 Performance
Yvonne Parent
Fear of Lying
Nov 21, 1991 Performance
Paulette Phillips, Nadia Ross
Performance in the 90s panel
Nov 20, 1991 Talk
Nancy Barton, Margot Kane, Paulette Phillips, Judy Radul, Sylvia Scott, Petra Rigby Watson, Sheri-D Wilson
Swan Song
Nov 17, 1991 Performance
Nancy Barton
Readings by George Elliott Clarke and Ian Iqbal Rashid
Nov 16, 1991 Reading
George Clarke, Ian Rashid
Concert by Phil Minton and Roger Turner
Nov 11, 1991 Concert, Performance
Phil Minton, Roger Turner
Concert by Junko Ueda and Wil Offermans
Nov 9, 1991 Concert, Performance
Wil Offermans, Junko Ueda
Concert by Bill Frisell and Jin Hi Kim
Nov 8, 1991 Concert, Performance
Bill Frisell, Jin Hi Kim
Time Flies
Nov 8 — 11, 1991 Program
Concert by Al Suwardi
Nov 7, 1991 Concert, Performance
Al Suwardi
Struggle: Local & Global Issue book launch
Nov 2, 1991 Publication
Souffle a Sarcophage
Oct 29 — Nov 22, 1991 Exhibition
Âhasiw Maskêgon-Iskwêw
Concert by Lori Freedman and Graham Ord
Oct 11, 1991 Concert, Performance
Lori Freedman, Graham Ord
Concert by Conrad Bauer
Oct 10, 1991 Concert, Performance
Conrad Bauer
Oct 9, 1991 Performance
Judy Radul, Andrew Wilson
Living Dusts
Oct 1, 1991 Media Artwork
Steve McCaffery
Carole's Double Bill
Sep 29, 1991 Reading, Performance
Carole Chambers, Bill Little, Bill Smith
Talent Hut: The Jimmi Schmooz Fever Dream
Sep 18, 1991 Performance
Avreema, Thomas Anfield, Mark Campbell, Gina Diva, Boofka Putz, Vicki Schmooz, Jimmi Schmooz, Ron Samworth, Barry Taylor
Concert by Tom Cora and Catherine Jauniaux
Sep 8, 1991 Concert, Performance
Tom Cora, Catherine Jauniaux
Concert by Gregg Bendian, Paul Plimley, and Lisle Ellis
Jun 28, 1991 Concert, Performance
Gregg Bendian, Lisle Ellis, Paul Plimley
Concert by Shelley Hirsch and David Weinstein
Jun 27, 1991 Concert, Performance
Shelley Hirsch, David Weinstein
Concert by Urs Leimgruber and Fritz Hauser
Jun 26, 1991 Concert, Performance
Fritz Hauser, Urs Leimgruber
Concert by Don Ritter and Amy Denio
Jun 25, 1991 Concert, Performance
Amy Denio, Don Ritter
Concert by Christian Muthspiel and Roland Dahinden
Jun 24, 1991 Concert, Performance
Roland Dahinden, Christian Muthspiel
Concert by Oleksandor Nestorov, Petro Tovstukha
Jun 23, 1991 Concert, Performance
Oleksandor Nestorov, Petro Tovstukha
Concert by George Gräwe, Ernst Reijseger, and Gerry Hemingway
Jun 22, 1991 Concert, Performance
Georg Gräwe, Gerry Hemingway, Ernst Reijseger
Concert by Yaz-Kazu, Yasuhiso Shirao, and Yoshinobu Honma
Jun 21, 1991 Concert, Performance
Yoshinobu Honma, Yasuhiso Shirao, Yaz-Kazu
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 21 — 28, 1991 Program
Johnny Piper Floats Dead Goats
May 21 — Jun 28, 1991 Exhibition
Nhan Duc Nguyen
Concert by Kenneth Newby, Matt Rogalsky, and Lorraine Thompson, A Sound is Heard in the World
May 10, 1991 Concert, Performance
Kenneth Newby, Matt Rogalsky, Lorraine Thompson
May 2, 1991 Concert, Performance
Artsong Trio
Concert by the Artsong Trio
Apr 26, 1991 Concert, Performance
Artsong Trio
Self-portrait of and Reading by Robin Blaser
Apr 11, 1991 Reading, Screening, Performance
Robin Blaser
Digit Retro
Apr 2 — May 22, 1991 Exhibition
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Digit Retro
Apr 2 — May 22, 1991 Exhibition
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Targa Workshop
Apr 1 — 29, 1991 Workshop
Ronald Ramage
La Tele n'est qu'un animal binaire
Mar 29, 1991 Performance
Alain Martin
La Télé n’est qu’un animal finaire (T.V. is just a binary animal)
Mar 29, 1991 Performance
Alain-Martin Richard
Initiation Rite, Sacred Bath: Rito de inciación, Baño sagrado
Mar 12, 1991 Media Artwork
María Magdalena Campos-Pons
Shock Culture
Mar 9, 1991 Performance
Henry Tsang, Gu Xiong
Power Circus
Mar 2, 1991 Performance
Judy Radul, Andrew Wilson
Electro Traces: Diffusion & Media
Feb 23, 1991 Concert, Performance
Jacques Drouin, Jean-François Denis, Martin Gotfrit, Robert Normandeau, Claude Schryer, Dan Scheidt, Trevor Tureski, Alain Thibault, Hildegard Westerkamp
Feb 12 — Mar 22, 1991 Exhibition
Kelly Wood
Art's Birthday
Jan 17, 1991 Performance
Transap 1 - The Trans-American Satellite Art Project
Jan 15, 1991 Media Artwork
Benjamin Heidersberger, Mike Hentz, Van Gogh TV
Lecture by Spencer Cathey
Jan 6, 1991 Talk
Spencer Cathey
International Festival of Telecommunication Art
Jan 1, 1991 Program
Horror Autoxicus
Dec 15, 1990 — Jan 21, 1991 Exhibition
Nell Tenhaaf
Supper at Last (Last Supper)
Dec 1, 1990 Installation, Media Artwork
Dalibor Martinis
White Noise and Invisible Merz
Nov 30, 1990 Performance
Julie Duschenes, Mark Grady
Direct Sound
Nov 11, 1990 Concert, Performance
Anna Hommler, David Moss, Carles Santos
Looking at the Revolution
Nov 9 — Dec 9, 1990 Exhibition
The Memory of the Epidermis and Gorin No Sho
Nov 1, 1990 Performance
Haruo Higuma, Tari Ito
A Concise History of Drumming
Oct 30, 1990 Performance
Andreas Kahre
Reading by Steve McCaffery
Oct 28, 1990 Reading, Performance
Steve McCaffery
Exhibition by Arni Haraldsson
Sep 25 — Oct 19, 1990 Exhibition
Arni Runar Haraldsson
Duster Cabaret
Sep 21, 1990 Performance
Hank Bull, Rebecca Belmore, Eric Metcalfe
Videophone with Electronic Café
Sep 7, 1990 Performance
The Carma Bums
Sinophile Sinophobe
Sep 6, 1990 Installation
Henry Tsang
Front 1 and 2 (Stories for Video)
Sep 1, 1990 Media Artwork
Hewson/Walker, Paul Hewson, Linda Walker
Sep 1, 1990 Media Artwork
Hank Bull, Rebecca Belmore, Eric Metcalfe
Drawing the Line
Aug 3 — 18, 1990 Exhibition
Kiss & Tell
SFU Summer Music Intensive at the Western Front
Jul 1 — 31, 1990
George Lewis, David Rosenboom
Concert by Carl Stone and Yuji Takahashi
Jun 29, 1990 Concert, Performance
Carl Stone, Yuji Takahashi
Concert by Alex Schlippenbach Trio
Jun 28, 1990 Concert, Performance
Alex Schlippenbach Trio
Concert by Yannick Rieu Trio
Jun 26, 1990 Concert, Performance
Yannick Rieu
Concert by David Friesen and Uwe Kropinski
Jun 25, 1990 Concert, Performance
David Friesen, Uwe Kropinski
Concert by Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins
Jun 24, 1990 Concert, Performance
Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins
Concert by Gerry Hemingway Quintet
Jun 23, 1990 Concert, Performance
Gerry Hemingway Quintet
Concert by Shuichi Chino
Jun 22, 1990 Concert, Performance
Shuichi Chino
The Edge of the World
Jun 15, 1990 Performance
Robert McFadden
The Edge of the World
Jun 15, 1990 Performance
Robert McFadden
Reading by Robert Creeley
Jun 1, 1990 Reading, Performance
Robert Creeley
May 30 — Jun 22, 1990 Exhibition
Reid Shier
Performance by Nobuo Kubota
May 28, 1990 Performance, Media Artwork
Nobuo Kubota
Giving Voice to the Female Nude
May 25, 1990 Performance
Skai Fowler
Nell Tenhaaf in Residence
May 21 — Jun 15, 1990 Residency
Nell Tenhaaf
Reading by Bruce Andrews
May 12, 1990 Reading, Performance
Bruce Andrews
Chinese Character
May 5, 1990 Media Artwork
Vanessa Lowe
Concert by Junko Ueda and Wil Offermans
Apr 27, 1990 Concert, Performance
Wil Offermans, Junko Ueda
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Apr 27 — Jun 29, 1990 Program
Apr 24 — May 18, 1990 Exhibition
Kati Campbell
Earth Day 1990
Apr 22, 1990 Media Artwork
Reading by Kootenay School of Writing
Apr 7, 1990 Reading, Performance
Kootenay School of Writing
Mar 31, 1990 Concert, Performance
Six From Seattle
Big Ideas
Mar 27 — Apr 12, 1990 Exhibition
Melva Forsberg
Indonesian Music & Shadows
Mar 25 — 26, 1990 Concert, Performance
Blacius Subono, Simon Fraser University Gamelan
Urban Geography
Mar 23, 1990 Media Artwork
Anne Ramsden
Concert by Christopher Fox and Peter Hannan
Mar 3, 1990 Concert, Performance
Christopher Fox, Peter Hannan
Concert by Elizabeth Fischer
Mar 2, 1990 Concert, Performance
Elizabeth Fischer
Seize in Love
Mar 1, 1990 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Concert by Evergreen Club Gamelan
Feb 23, 1990 Concert, Performance
Evergreen Club Gamelan
Munich Mannequins
Feb 20 — Mar 16, 1990 Exhibition
Paddi McGrath
Boner 9190 book launch
Feb 14, 1990 Publication
Judy Radul
Hung, Drawn & Quartered
Feb 10, 1990 Performance
Sheri-D Wilson
Son of Incubus Theatre, Lies of the Vampire
Feb 5, 1990 Performance
Greg Kramer
Concert by Paul Plimley, Diversions and Affirmations
Jan 27, 1990 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley
Exhibition by Warren Murfitt
Jan 18 — Feb 16, 1990 Exhibition
Warren Murfitt
Art's Birthday: Slowscan exchange with l'École de Beaux Arts in Nantes
Jan 17, 1990 Performance
Hank Bull, Alain Gibertie, Joachim Pfeufer
Goon Research
1990 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
1990 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Four Lives
1990 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
My Eyes in Love
1990 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Dancing on the Mountain
Dec 13, 1989 Performance
Richard Layzell
Infermental VII
Dec 10, 1989 Publication, Screening
Concert by Cymbali
Dec 9, 1989 Concert, Performance
Processing Copies
Nov 30, 1989 — Jan 12, 1990 Exhibition
Randy Anderson, Albrecht Dietrich, Manuela Eckenbach, Uwe Flesche, Carole Itter, Jurgen Kierspel, Sara Leydon, Daav MacNab, Brice MacNeil, Al Neil, Boris Nieslony, Ann Noel, Hans Rustige, M. Vanci Stirnemann, Rolf Walz
Nov 14 — 18, 1989 Installation, Performance
Randy Anderson
Out of the Dark
Nov 14 — 26, 1989 Exhibition
Susan Cain, Stevi Kittelson, Alma Schofield, Cedar Wallace
Bald: Doubleditch, Poking Grey Matter
Nov 3, 1989 Performance
Jill Rosenberg
Chick Rice in Residence
Nov 1 — 30, 1989 Residency
Chick Rice
Vancouver Tree Line
Oct 31, 1989 Media Artwork
Nicholas Stewart
A song to sing, a tale to tell
Oct 27, 1989 Performance
Colette Urban
Days Without Singing
Oct 21, 1989 Performance
Neo Nativists
Generic Man and Desire
Oct 12 — 30, 1989 Exhibition, Residency
Jana Sterbak
Oct 11, 1989 Performance
Nicholas Stewart
Semiotic Concerto 29
Oct 1 — 31, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon, Doug Gough
Stickeen Stikine
Oct 1, 1989 Performance
Precipice Theatre
Under Saturn
Sep 12 — Oct 7, 1989 Exhibition
Gordon Payne
Yat-Ah: Chilcotin Sky
Sep 12 — 16, 1989 Performance
Alison McAlpine
Picture Window
Sep 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon, Nancy Shaw
Concert by Anthony Braxton and Marilyn Crispell
Jun 30, 1989 Concert, Performance
Anthony Braxton, Marilyn Crispell
Concert by Paul Plimley and Lisle Ellis
Jun 28, 1989 Concert, Performance
Lisle Ellis, Paul Plimley
Concert by Podium Trio
Jun 28, 1989 Concert, Performance
Jan Kuiper, Wolter Wierbos, Paul van Kemenade
Concert by Tom Walsh and Richard Underhill
Jun 26, 1989 Concert, Performance
Richard Underhill, Tom Walsh
Concert by Takashi Kako
Jun 24, 1989 Concert, Performance
Takashi Kako
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 24 — Dec 9, 1989 Program
Kye Goodwin: Prints
Jun 12 — Jul 12, 1989 Exhibition
Kye Goodwin
Broken China
Jun 10, 1989 Performance
Yvonne Parent
May 26, 1989 Installation
Kate Craig
May 26, 1989 Performance
Daav MacNab, Âhasiw Maskêgon-Iskwêw
Concert by Henry Kaiser and Jin Hi Kim
May 20, 1989 Concert, Performance
Henry Kaiser, Jin Hi Kim
May 13, 1989 Concert, Performance
Paul Blaney, Roger Baird, Daniel Lapp, Graham Ord
Concert by Barre Phillips
May 12, 1989 Concert, Performance
Barre Phillips
Concert by the Paul Cram Quartet
May 11, 1989 Concert, Performance
Paul Cram Quartet
Geography Lesson: Canadian Notes
May 2 — 26, 1989 Exhibition
Allan Sekula
Girl in a Wetsuit, Shakespeare in a Chair
Apr 15, 1989 Performance
Darryl Deegan
Exhibition by Gary Pearson
Apr 12 — 28, 1989 Exhibition
Gary Pearson
Brilliant Corners
Apr 5, 1989 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley, Clyde Reed, Claude Ranger
A Good Boy
Apr 1 — 30, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Workouts with Jane Ellison
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Disco Dinner
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Donald Scott Watson
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Art McP's Alphabet
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Declining Nude
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Statues in Love
Apr 1, 1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Ordinary Shadows, Chinese Shade
Mar 30, 1989 Screening
Paul Wong
Origins: Celtic Series
Mar 21 — Apr 7, 1989 Exhibition
Al Neil
Hank's Industrial Cabaret
Mar 18, 1989 Concert, Performance
Mar 17, 1989 Performance
Brice Canyon, Iain Macanulty
Concert by Wayne Horvitz
Mar 11, 1989 Concert, Performance
Wayne Horvitz
The Tempest
Mar 11, 1989 Concert, Performance
Simon Fraser University Gamelan
Informal concert by Wayne Horvitz
Mar 3, 1989 Concert, Performance
Wayne Horvitz
Bill Napier-Hemy's string instruments
Feb 28, 1989 Concert, Performance
New Musical Instruments
Feb 28 — Mar 17, 1989 Exhibition
Bill Napier-Hemy
Venus, Cupid, Time and Folly
Feb 25, 1989 Performance
Skai Fowler
Raven Mad
Feb 14, 1989 Media Artwork
Randy Gledhill, Berenicci Hershorn
Infermental VIII
Feb 14, 1989 Publication, Screening
Cold Storage
Feb 7 — 24, 1989 Exhibition
Mina Totino
New Music for Gamelan by Javanese Composers
Feb 5, 1989 Concert, Talk
Alec Roth
Feb 5, 1989 Concert, Performance
Completely Continuous Pianos
Feb 3, 1989 Concert, Performance
Lubomyr Melnyk
Recycle Tape
Feb 1 — 28, 1989 Media Artwork
Bobbi Kozinuk, Craig Laven
Showing Size
Jan 27, 1989 Performance
Gordon Halloran
Hyper Space Radio
Jan 17, 1989 Performance
Reading by Robin Blaser
Jan 16, 1989 Reading, Performance
Robin Blaser
Concert by Yu Jing Yan
Jan 10, 1989 Concert, Performance
Yu Jing Yan
Beyond Surface
Jan 10 — 28, 1989 Exhibition
Sara Leydon, Sarah Stevenson
Concert by Mark Douglas Ensemble
Jan 8, 1989 Concert, Performance
Mark Douglas Ensemble
Farm Fantasy
1989 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Bulletin Board
1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Fascist in Love
1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Son of Fascist in Love
1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Colour Bar Research (Art McP)
1989 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
A Tale of Love
Dec 31, 1988 Media Artwork
Astrid Heibach, Gusztáv Hámos
The Prick
Dec 2, 1988 Performance
Daniel Guimond
Labyrinth Chapter 8
Nov 19, 1988 Media Artwork
Brice Canyon
Voice, Notes, Noise
Nov 18, 1988 Performance
Peter Courtemanche, Bobbi Kozinuk
Essence and Entropy
Nov 15 — Dec 15, 1988 Exhibition
Stacey Spiegel
Performance and Reading by Kazuko Shiraishi
Nov 4, 1988 Performance, Reading
Kazuko Shiraishi
The Pear (Her Knowing of She Cutting I or Interrogation of the Pear)
Oct 28, 1988 Media Artwork
Judy Radul
The Body of Knowledge
Oct 28, 1988 Performance
Judy Radul
Oct 25 — Nov 11, 1988 Exhibition
Michael Markham
Rena Tangens and Padeluun in Residence
Oct 23 — Nov 22, 1988 Residency
Padeluun, Rena Tangens
Slowscan Ludwig
Oct 5, 1988 Performance
Hank Bull, Maria Vedder
The Vancouver Project
Oct 4 — 21, 1988 Exhibition
David Buchan
Concert by Bill Smith and Wolfgang Fuchs
Oct 1, 1988 Concert, Performance
Wolfgang Fuchs, Bill Smith
Squid - The Most Intelligent of the Invertebrates
Sep 13 — 30, 1988 Exhibition
Don Gill
Reading by Bruce Boone
Sep 10, 1988 Reading, Performance
Bruce Boone
Television Spots
Sep 1, 1988 Installation, Media Artwork
Stan Douglas
Reading by William S. Burroughs at the Ridge Theatre
Jul 5, 1988 Reading, Performance
William S. Burroughs
William S. Burroughs: Painting & Reading
Jul 5 — 20, 1988 Exhibition
William S. Burroughs
Concert by Contrevent
Jul 2, 1988 Concert, Performance
Concert by Robert Leriche Trio
Jul 1, 1988 Concert, Performance
Robert Leriche, Claude Ranger, Robert Leriche Trio
Concert by Tom Cora, Rene Lussier, and Jean Derome
Jun 30, 1988 Concert, Performance
Tom Cora, Jean Derome, René Lussier
Concert by Hal Russell and NRG Ensemble
Jun 29, 1988 Concert, Performance
NRG Ensemble, Hal Russell
Concert by Alex Varty and John Oswald
Jun 28, 1988 Concert, Performance
John Oswald, Alex Varty
Concert by George Lewis
Jun 27, 1988 Concert, Performance
George Lewis
Concert by Horace Tapscott
Jun 26, 1988 Concert, Performance
Horace Tapscott
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 26 — Jul 2, 1988 Program
Shooting Gallery Performance
Jun 23, 1988 Performance
Yvonne Parent
Pro Musica 2nd Annual Festival of Composers (Day 4)
Jun 12, 1988 Concert, Performance
Bob Caldwell, Mark Douglas, Arne Eigenfeldt, Sherilyn Fritz, David Phyall
Pro Musica 2nd Annual Festival of Composers (Day 3)
Jun 11, 1988 Concert, Performance
Mark Armanini, Susan Frykberg, Corey Hamm, Andreas Kahre, Russell Shumsky
Pro Musica 2nd Annual Festival of Composers (Day 2)
Jun 10, 1988 Concert, Performance
Rob Ablenas, Phillip Djwa, June Gregory, Marian Millon, Kenneth Newby, Gordon Paslawski, Paul Stein, Sam Salmon
Pro Musica 2nd Annual Festival of Composers (Day 1)
Jun 9, 1988 Concert, Performance
Dennis Burke, Iain Macanulty, Michael O'Neill, Matt Rogalsky
Pro Musica 2nd Annual Festival of Composers
Jun 9 — 12, 1988 Program
Shooting Gallery
Jun 8 — 25, 1988 Exhibition
Yvonne Parent
A Concert of New Music by Vancouver Composers
May 20, 1988 Concert, Performance
Dennis Burke, Bob Caldwell, Mark Douglas, Arne Eigenfeldt, Chris Grove, David Phyall, Yvonne Parent, Martin Tanaka, Bob Walker
Concert by Daniel Janke, Mark Duggan, and Perry White
May 14, 1988 Concert, Performance
Mark Duggan, Daniel Janke, Perry White
May 11 — 29, 1988 Exhibition
Daniel Congdon
Concert by Jim Staley, Ikue Mori, and Bill Frisell
May 1, 1988 Concert, Performance
Bill Frisell, Ikue Mori, Jim Staley
Eyes Skinned
Apr 30, 1988 Media Artwork
Mona Hatoum
Measures of Distance
Apr 30, 1988 Media Artwork
Mona Hatoum
Ground Water
Apr 23, 1988 Performance
Colin Browne, Martin Gotfrit
Concert by Lubomyr Melnyk
Apr 17, 1988 Concert, Performance
Lubomyr Melnyk
Screening by Gary Hill
Apr 16, 1988 Screening
Gary Hill
Winter Garden
Apr 12 — 30, 1988 Exhibition
Carole Itter
Apr 11, 1988 Media Artwork
Kye Goodwin
New Musica Guitars
Apr 10, 1988 Concert, Performance
Bruce Clausen, Rob Carroll
Concert by Andrew Czink, Paul Dolden, and Sal Ferreras, Sonarchy
Apr 9, 1988 Concert, Performance
Andrew Czink, Paul Dolden, Sal Ferreras
Yard Work
Mar 15 — Apr 1, 1988 Exhibition
George Sawchuk
Mar 4, 1988 Performance
Richard Martel
Tales of the Old West
Feb 28, 1988 Performance
The MacBooty Brothers
Joy Ride™
Feb 25, 1988 Media Artwork
Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler
Concert by Neil Rolnick
Feb 21, 1988 Concert, Performance
Neil Rolnick
An Installation
Feb 16 — Mar 11, 1988 Exhibition
Jack Jeffrey
Reading by Steve McCaffery
Feb 10, 1988 Reading, Performance
Steve McCaffery
Robert Filliou Memorial
Jan 31, 1988 Gathering, Screening
Inside / Out
Jan 29, 1988 Performance
Cathy Quinn
The Story of Feniks and Abdullah
Jan 24, 1988 Media Artwork
Luc Bourdon
Instrument for Sound, Room for Clutter
Jan 19 — Feb 12, 1988 Exhibition
Ken Gerberik
Jan 14, 1988 Concert, Reading, Performance
Terry Crane, Ed Varney
Radio Show by Hank Bull
Jan 12, 1988 Performance
Hank Bull
Concert by Don Thompson, Phil Dwyer, Claude Ranger, and Rene Worst
Jan 8 — 9, 1988 Concert, Performance
Phil Dwyer, Claude Ranger, Don Thompson, Rene Worst
The Nature of the Prey
1988 Media Artwork
Susi Milne
The Edifice Edge of That Her Ness
1988 Media Artwork
Susi Milne
La Oscuridad de Mi Lengua (The Darkness of My Language)
Dec 12, 1987 Media Artwork
Lotty Rosenfeld
World Series
Dec 11, 1987 Performance
Anna Banana, Ron Brunette
Doing Time
Dec 6, 1987 Concert, Performance
Andy Graffiti
Feral Music
Dec 4, 1987 Concert, Performance
Phil Minton, Roger Turner
Concert by Bill Horvitz
Nov 29, 1987 Concert, Performance
Bill Horvitz
Concert by Current Figures and Cymbali
Nov 22, 1987 Concert, Performance
Concert by Midnight Trio
Nov 19, 1987 Concert, Performance
Midnight Trio
Nov 18 — Dec 8, 1987 Exhibition
Terry Ewasiuk
Concert by Fred Frith and Hans Reichel
Nov 15, 1987 Concert, Performance
Fred Frith, Hans Reichel
Ode to Finn Slough
Nov 14, 1987 Concert, Performance
Jim Munroe
Concert by Cornucopia Brass Ensemble
Nov 13, 1987 Concert, Performance
Cornucopia Brass Ensemble
The Rope That Makes Them Free
Nov 12, 1987 Performance
Nigel Rolfe
Electric Music
Nov 8, 1987 Concert, Performance
Critical Band, Tom Stanick
Neue Deutsche Filme
Nov 3 — 4, 1987 Screening
Alf Bold
Leurs mains
Nov 1, 1987 Media Artwork
Michèle Waquant
En attendant la pluie
Nov 1, 1987 Media Artwork
Michèle Waquant
The Spacepeople and the Peasant - A Bricoleur's Orchestra
Oct 28 — Nov 13, 1987 Exhibition
Jim Munroe
Oct 6 — 24, 1987 Exhibition
Joan Wilkinson
Exclusive Memory
Oct 1, 1987 Media Artwork
Tom Sherman
The Uses of Would
Sep 15 — Oct 2, 1987 Exhibition
Bill Jones
Constructing Nature
Sep 14, 1987 Performance
Robert McFadden
Concert by Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron
Sep 13, 1987 Concert, Performance
Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron
Jun 30, 1987 Media Artwork
Nina Skogster
MacBooty Bros at Documenta 8
Jun 12, 1987 Performance
The MacBooty Brothers
MacBooties at Dokumenta
Jun 11, 1987 Performance
Finding Faults in the Firmament
May 31, 1987 Screening
Frances Leeming, Clive Robertson
Reading by Paul Dutton
May 29, 1987 Reading, Performance
Paul Dutton
Concert by the Bill Frisell Quartet
May 23, 1987 Concert, Performance
Bill Frisell Quartet
Strange Case of Norman Desmond
May 20, 1987 Performance
Andrew James Paterson
Cherry Tree Project II
May 13 — 20, 1987 Exhibition
Gary Geraths, Deborah Koenker, Roberto Pacheco
Amnesty International Benefit Concert
May 13, 1987 Concert, Gathering, Performance
Concert by Anita Perry
May 8, 1987 Concert, Performance
Anita Perry
Holy Joe
May 1, 1987 Media Artwork
Joe Sarahan
Light Music no. 1
Apr 24, 1987 Installation
Julius West
Apr 23, 1987 Concert, Performance
Samm Bennett, Ned Rothenberg, Elliot Sharp
Les Banalistes
Apr 21 — May 5, 1987 Exhibition
Ana Chang, Matt Crossin, Nancy Frohlick, Danny Infanti, James King, Eunice Lee, Phillip McCrum, Carel Moiseiwitsch, William Neviens, Aya Zolbrod
Apr 18, 1987 Screening, Media Artwork
Judi Norris, Benjamin Wolfe
Apr 18, 1987 Media Artwork
Paul Lang
Good Friday
Apr 17, 1987 Concert, Performance
Eugene Chadbourne
Screening by William Wegman
Apr 15, 1987 Screening
William Wegman
Workshops by Bob Richardson
Apr 5 — Jun 7, 1987 Workshop
Robert Richardson
Apr 1, 1987 Media Artwork, Workshop
Maurizio Nannucci
Mother May I?
Apr 1, 1987 Media Artwork
Jeanette Reinhardt
A Poke in the Eye
Mar 31 — Apr 17, 1987 Exhibition
Rick Ross
Annual Report
Mar 29, 1987 Concert, Reading, Performance
Cherry Tree Project
Mar 29 — Apr 17, 1987 Exhibition
Deborah Koenker, Roberto Pacheco
Repression, the Sleeping Maiden
Mar 28, 1987 Performance
Judy Radul, Andrew Wilson
Lacey Song
Mar 23, 1987 Concert, Performance
Irene Aebi, Hank Bull, Al Matheson
Dinner for Gene Youngblood
Mar 23, 1987 Talk, Gathering
Gene Youngblood
Rites of Spring
Mar 21, 1987 Gathering
Geoff Hendricks Live at the Western Front
Mar 18, 1987 Performance
Geoff Hendricks
The Negative Motor, In The Position
Mar 10 — 27, 1987 Exhibition
Nick Brdar
An Evening of Live Computer Music
Mar 8, 1987 Concert, Performance
Bob Caldwell, Arne Eigenfeldt, Danielle Gagnier, Iain Macanulty, Kenneth Newby, David Phyall
Concert by Don Druick
Mar 7, 1987 Concert, Performance
Don Druick
Travelon Gamelan
Feb 22, 1987 Concert, Performance
Ann Hepper, Richard Lerman, Ken Morrison, Kenneth Newby, Alex Varty, Leon Wolf
A Gathering
Feb 17 — Mar 6, 1987 Exhibition
Violet Costello
Reading by Terry Crane, Dan Farrel, Isabel Hall, Jill Mandrake, Ed Varney, and Diane Wood
Feb 13, 1987 Reading, Performance
Terry Crane, Dan Farrell, Isabell Hall, Jill Mandrake, Ed Varney, Diane Wood
Infermental VI
Feb 8, 1987 Publication, Screening, Media Artwork
Gary Kibbins
Lecture and Screening by Gary Kibbins
Feb 3, 1987 Screening, Talk
Gary Kibbins
Exhibition by Diana Kemble
Jan 27 — Feb 13, 1987 Exhibition
Diana Kemble
Concert by Ken Newby and C.J. Sheppard
Jan 23, 1987 Concert, Performance
Kenneth Newby, C.J. Sheppard
Lecture and Screening by Rodney Werden
Jan 19 — 20, 1987 Screening, Talk
Rodney Werden
1987 Media Artwork
Susi Milne
Dec 15, 1986 Concert, Performance
Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Larry Ochs, William Winant
Dec 9, 1986 Installation
Carel Moiseiwitsch
Concert by Evan Parker Trio
Dec 4, 1986 Concert, Performance
Evan Parker Trio
Infermental V
Nov 30, 1986 Screening
Reading by Chris Dewdney
Nov 27, 1986 Reading, Performance
Christopher Dewdney
Sociable Music
Nov 23, 1986 Concert, Performance
Martin Bartlett
Tucson Images
Nov 18, 1986 Exhibition
Lorne Greenburg
Man of Teak, Desperate Desire and Scented Island
Nov 3, 1986 Performance
Marty St. James, Anne Wilson
Issues of Censorship
Oct 28 — Nov 14, 1986 Exhibition
Private Eyes
Oct 15, 1986 Media Artwork
Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
Concert by David Moss
Oct 12, 1986 Concert, Performance
David Moss
Concert by Gerry Hemingway
Oct 12, 1986 Concert, Performance
Gerry Hemingway
Contemporary Oral Epic
Oct 6, 1986 Reading, Performance
Constance DeJong
Sep 20, 1986 Performance
Alain Gibertie, Robert Richardson
Sculptures on Scotia Street
Sep 19 — Oct 20, 1986 Exhibition
Barbara Cole, Alan Congdon, Daniel Laskarin, Alan Storey
Introducing Brewery Creek
Sep 19 — Oct 20, 1986 Exhibition
Matchbox Purveyors
Sep 14, 1986 Performance
Ian Hinchcliffe, Kevin O'Connor
Performance by ZTZU
Sep 2, 1986 Performance
Sep 2 — 14, 1986 Exhibition
Gregory Ball, Gary Brooks, Kris Bergthorson, Kati Campbell, Alexandra Dikeakos, Sherida Levy, Margaret Naylor
666 O'Clock News
Sep 1, 1986 Media Artwork
Patrick Hughes
X's and O's for Canadian Pavilion
Aug 13, 1986 Performance
Margaret Dragu
Phone Sex
Jul 2, 1986 Performance
Doug Brown, Regan Paynter
Milk on the Dining Room Floor
Jun 30, 1986 Media Artwork
Cornelia Wyngaarden
Concert by the Steve Lacy Sextet
Jun 29, 1986 Concert, Performance
Steve Lacy Sextet
Concert by Bill Smith Ensemble
Jun 27, 1986 Concert, Performance
Bill Smith Ensemble
Concert by Jay Clayton Trio with Kenny Wheeler
Jun 26, 1986 Concert, Performance
Jay Clayton Trio, Kenny Wheeler
Concert by Ran Blake
Jun 25, 1986 Concert, Performance
Ran Blake
Planetary Network
Jun 25 — Sep 28, 1986 Exhibition
Doug Brown, Hank Bull, Don Foresta, Paul Lang, Regan Paynter, Robert Richardson
Concert by Bill Frisell, Tim Berne, and Alex Cline
Jun 24, 1986 Concert, Performance
Tim Berne, Alex Cline, Bill Frisell
Du Maurier International Jazz Festival
Jun 24 — Dec 15, 1986 Program
Dewa Ruci
Jun 13, 1986 Concert, Performance
Blacius Subono
Two Small Rooms
Jun 6, 1986 Concert, Performance
Victor Coleman, Al Mattes
Concert by Gunter Christmann and Torsten Müeller
Jun 4, 1986 Concert, Performance
Gunter Christmann, Torsten Müller
Jun 3 — 27, 1986 Exhibition
Lorna Brown
The Underlying Fetish
Jun 1 — 30, 1986 Media Artwork
Reece Metcalfe, Marlin Oliveros
Workshops by Bob Richardson
May 31 — Dec 10, 1986 Workshop
Robert Richardson
Concert by Tom Cora
May 24, 1986 Concert, Performance
Tom Cora
Zen Benefit
May 23, 1986 Concert, Performance
Beverly Dobrinsky, Hungry Ghosts
Mission, Blacksun
May 13 — 30, 1986 Exhibition
Roy Arden
Zoe's Car
May 6, 1986 Media Artwork
Ardele Lister
May 1, 1986 Media Artwork
Kate Craig
Persephone and Hades
Apr 30, 1986 Performance
Mobius Performance Group
Concert by Peter Brotzmann and Han Bennink
Apr 29, 1986 Concert, Performance
Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink
New Chamber Music
Apr 27, 1986 Concert, Performance
Mark Armanini, Harold Birston, Loyd Furnes, Ray Herbert, Anita Perry, Tom Schoen, Kathleen Schoen
The Chemical Chamber
Apr 23 — May 9, 1986 Exhibition
Kent Tate
Apr 19, 1986 Performance
Istvan Kantor
Concert by Vancouver Art Trio
Apr 18, 1986 Concert, Performance
Bruce Freedman, Clyde Reed, Gregg Simpson
Apr 12, 1986 Performance
Luther Hansraj, Edward Lam, Deborah Moss
Apr 9 — 18, 1986 Exhibition
Stan Douglas
SFU Sonic Research Studio, Spring Studio Concert
Apr 4, 1986 Concert, Performance
Piano Music in the Continuous Mode
Mar 30, 1986 Concert, Performance
Lubomyr Melnyk
Mar 27, 1986 Performance
Randy Gledhill, Berenicci Hershorn
The Rise and Fall of an Empire
Mar 21, 1986 Performance
Joe Sarahan
Lost Art: A Cargo Cult Romance
Mar 13, 1986 Installation
Vera Frenkel
Luminous Performance
Mar 8 — Apr 12, 1986 Program
Performance by Paulette Phillips
Mar 8, 1986 Performance
Paulette Phillips
Clay Cove
Mar 7, 1986 Installation, Media Artwork
Kate Craig
Mar 7, 1986 Installation, Media Artwork
Randy Gledhill, Berenicci Hershorn
On T.V.
Mar 6, 1986 Installation
Ian Carr-Harris
Through the Eye of the Cyclops
Mar 6, 1986 Installation
David Tomas
As a Wife Has a Cow
Mar 6, 1986 Installation, Media Artwork
Cornelia Wyngaarden
Mar 6, 1986 Installation
Max Dean
Body Fluid
Mar 2, 1986 Installation
Paul Wong
Feb 28, 1986 Media Artwork
Barbara Steinman
Spawning Sockeyes
Feb 25, 1986 Installation
Tomiyo Sasaki
Luminous Sites
Feb 25 — Mar 13, 1986 Exhibition
Feb 24, 1986 Performance
Judy Radul
An Evening of Computer Music
Feb 14, 1986 Concert, Performance
Theo Goldberg, Barry Truax
SFU Computer Music
Feb 14, 1986 Concert, Performance
The Map is Not the Territory
Feb 11 — 28, 1986 Exhibition
Robert McNealy
Concert by the String Trio of New York
Feb 7, 1986 Concert, Performance
String Trio of New York
Concert by Skeleton Crew
Jan 30, 1986 Concert, Performance
Skeleton Crew
Between the Frames
Jan 26, 1986 Media Artwork
Antoni Muntadas
Concert by Catherine Costello
Jan 25, 1986 Concert, Performance
Catherine Costello
Hot Chicks on TV
Jan 20, 1986 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Lucy Amarillo Stories
Jan 20, 1986 Performance
Constance DeJong
Video Works
Jan 18, 1986 Exhibition
A star is not a hamburger
Jan 9 — 31, 1986 Exhibition
Jean Claude St. Hilaire
Exhibition by Larry Cohen
Jan 6 — 23, 1986 Exhibition
Larry Cohen
1986 Media Artwork
Paul Wong, Joolz
Peep Show
Jan 1, 1986 Media Artwork
Hank Bull, Eric Metcalfe
1986 Installation
Stan Douglas
1986 Media Artwork
Stan Douglas
The Patpong
1986 Media Artwork
Reece Metcalfe, Marlin Oliveros
Reading by Calvin Wharton and Sean Virgo
Dec 15, 1985 Reading, Performance
Sean Virgo, Calvin Wharton
Gradual Requiem
Dec 8, 1985 Concert, Performance
Ingram Marshall
Writers and Performers for Nicaragua
Dec 5, 1985 Concert, Reading, Performance
Exhibition by Tom Nickson
Dec 3 — 31, 1985 Exhibition
Tom Nickson
Sic Et Non - The Scruples of Eavesdropping
Nov 29, 1985 Concert, Performance
Karen Anderson, Loi Hinto, Lyn Vasey, Alex Varty
Nov 26, 1985 Media Artwork
Margaret Dragu
Bowed Piano
Nov 23, 1985 Concert, Performance
Stephen Scott
Reading by Gary Whitehead and Jean McKay
Nov 15, 1985 Reading, Performance
Jean McKay, Gary Whitehead
Concert by Xochimoki
Nov 8, 1985 Concert, Performance
Nov 5 — 29, 1985 Exhibition
Arni Runar Haraldsson
Screening by Lydia Schouten
Oct 30, 1985 Screening
Lydia Schouten
Oct 26, 1985 — Dec 31, 1992 Exhibition
Alan Storey
Hallowe'en FundRazor
Oct 26, 1985
Concert by Nicolas Collins
Oct 19, 1985 Concert, Performance
Nicolas Collins
TISH - A Celebration
Oct 11, 1985 Gathering
David Dawson, Frank Davey, Gladys Maria Hindmarch, Lionel Kearns, Daphne Marlatt, Warren Tallman, Fred Wah
Concert by Robert LePage and Rene Lussier
Oct 10, 1985 Concert, Performance
Robert LePage, René Lussier
Oct 10 — Dec 8, 1985 Program
Denise Marika: Installation
Oct 9 — Nov 1, 1985 Exhibition
Denise Marika
Reading by Joolz
Oct 6, 1985 Reading, Performance
Joolz Live in Gangland
Oct 4, 1985 Performance, Reading
Hold It
Oct 1 — 24, 1985 Exhibition
Allyson Clay, Lisa Robertson, Nathalie Stephens
Reading by Gary Snyder
Sep 29, 1985 Reading, Performance
Gary Snyder
El Nino
Sep 27, 1985 Performance
Jesper Gundersen, Ane Mette Ruge, Jacob Schokking, Vaerkstedet Vaerst
Amnesty International Benefit Reading
Sep 20, 1985 Reading, Gathering
Concert by Vancouver Guitar Quartet
Sep 15 — 22, 1985 Concert, Performance
Operating Instructions
Sep 13 — 27, 1985 Exhibition
Diana Burgoyne
Freedom and Limitation
Aug 30, 1985 Performance
Jan Świdziński
Computer Music Cabaret
Aug 22, 1985 Concert, Performance
Don Buchla, Martin Bartlett
Solo Solo
Aug 20, 1985 Media Artwork
Don Druick
Corpus Colossus
Jun 16, 1985 Performance
Canada Shadows
The Same Sea in All of Us
May 15, 1985 Reading, Performance
Sam Hamill
Alchemical Warfare
May 12, 1985 Performance
Kathleen Hunt
À propos peinture
Apr 30, 1985 Media Artwork
Daniel Dion, Su Schnee
Manoeuvres in a Box
Apr 30 — May 27, 1985 Exhibition
Randy Anderson
A Propos la Peinture
Apr 30, 1985 Media Artwork
Daniel Dion, Su Schnee
Apr 26, 1985 Performance
Claure-Marie Caron, Daniel Dion, Su Schnee
War in Flowerland
Apr 24, 1985 Screening
Byron Black
Computer Graphics Workshops
Apr 14 — Dec 14, 1985 Workshop
Ken Mimura, Robert Richardson
Lilla Prado: Superstar
Apr 10, 1985 Screening
Ulises Carrion
"...In the absence of heroes..." Part IV: Warfare/A case for context
Apr 9, 1985 Performance
Jayce Salloum
Concert by John Mackay
Apr 5, 1985 Concert, Performance
John MacKay
Reading by John Pass and Hope Anderson
Apr 4, 1985 Reading, Performance
Hopeton Anderson, John Pass
Exhibition by Joseph Beuys
Apr 2 — 19, 1985 Exhibition
Joseph Beuys
Concert by the Paul Plimley Octet
Mar 29, 1985 Concert, Performance
Paul Plimley Octet
Concert by the Michel Petrucciani Trio
Mar 26, 1985 Concert, Performance
Michel Petrucciani Trio
Concert by the Al Neil Quintet
Mar 22, 1985 Concert, Performance
Howard Broomfield, Martin Bartlett, David Lee, Al Neil, Alex Varty
Trick or Drink
Mar 19, 1985 Performance
Vanalyne Green
Reading by Paulette Jiles
Mar 13, 1985 Reading, Performance
Paulette Jiles
Concert by Anthony Davis
Mar 9, 1985 Concert, Performance
Anthony Davis
Earthspin – A Timescape
Mar 8, 1985 Concert, Performance
Gordon Monahan
Western Front Piano Festival
Mar 8 — Apr 5, 1985 Program
Reading by Joanne Kyger
Feb 28, 1985 Reading, Performance
Joanne Kyger
Dong Il Jang
Feb 24, 1985 Concert, Performance
Carl Stone
Screenings curated by Maria Insell
Feb 21 — Nov 26, 1985 Screening
Lecture and Screening by Aart van Barneveld
Feb 17, 1985 Screening, Talk
Aart van Barneveld
Lecture by Morton Subotnick
Feb 16, 1985 Talk
Morton Subotnick
Reading by Howie White
Feb 7, 1985 Reading, Performance
Howie White
Concert by Storm Orchestra
Feb 1, 1985 Concert, Performance
Storm Orchestra
Jan 26, 1985 Reading, Performance
Lillian Allen, Smaro Kamboureli, Lola Tostevin, France Théoret
Reading by Lillian Allen
Jan 25, 1985 Reading, Performance
Lillian Allen
Jan 22 — Feb 8, 1985 Exhibition
Andrew Keating
Concert by Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb
Jan 19, 1985 Concert, Performance
Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb
Jan 1, 1985 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
1985 Media Artwork
Eric Metcalfe, Edward Mowbray, Kō Nakajima
Lecture and Screening by Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov
Dec 18, 1984 Screening, Talk
Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov
Dec 16, 1984 Performance
Jim Pomeroy
Dec 15, 1984 Performance
Terry Larkin, Alan Storey
Variations on Discord and Divisions
Dec 14, 1984 Performance
Mona Hatoum
Pre/Post Mortem 1986
Dec 10, 1984 Installation, Performance
Andreas Nieman
Changing Parts
Dec 8, 1984 Media Artwork
Mona Hatoum
Passports of Love
Dec 7, 1984 Performance
Andrew James Paterson
Composition by Committee
Dec 1, 1984 Concert, Performance
Concert by Alex Varty and Doug Schmidt
Nov 29, 1984 Concert, Performance
Douglas Schmidt, Alex Varty
Concert by Lyn Vasey
Nov 28, 1984 Concert, Performance
Lyn Vasey
Concert by Cassation Group
Nov 27, 1984 Concert, Performance
Cassation Group
Nov 26 — Dec 15, 1984 Exhibition
Sunglee Lee
Concert by Five for Five
Nov 25, 1984 Concert, Performance
Five for Five
Flying Undercups = Die Fliegenden Untertassen
Nov 24, 1984 Concert, Performance
Gordon Koch, Eric Wyness
Concert by Courage of Lassie
Nov 23, 1984 Concert, Performance
Rob Booth, Laiwan, Ron Nelson, Mady Schenkel
Musicity 84
Nov 23 — Dec 1, 1984 Program
The MacBooty Brothers
Nov 18, 1984 Performance
The MacBooty Brothers
J'aurais dit Glenn Gould
Nov 15, 1984 Media Artwork
Rober Racine
Oct 30 — Nov 30, 1984 Exhibition
Carole Itter
Pure Virtue
Oct 23, 1984 Performance
Tanya Mars
Kings of Sming
Oct 21, 1984 Concert, Performance
Paul Cram, Robert Leriche, Gregg Simpson, James Young
Japanese drums
Oct 13, 1984 Concert, Performance
Reading by Gail Scott
Oct 11, 1984 Reading, Performance
Gail Scott
Exhibition by Julie Duschenes, Katherine Knight, and Robert Linsley
Oct 2 — 26, 1984 Exhibition
Julie Duschenes, Katherine Knight, Robert Linsley
Inner Landscape - Insight Image
Sep 19, 1984 Media Artwork
Ulrike Rosenbach
Concert by Elliot Sharp
Sep 15, 1984 Concert, Performance
Elliot Sharp
The Boy and the Bird
Sep 12, 1984 Performance
Emmett Williams
Kenneth Coutts-Smith as Artist, Art Critic, Theoretician, and Poet
Sep 5, 1984 Talk
Helen Wright
Art Texts
Sep 5 — 28, 1984 Exhibition
Kenneth Coutts-Smith
Concert by Canadian Creative Music Collective (CCMC)
Jun 19, 1984 Concert, Performance
Platform for Losing Your Father's Steps
Jun 5 — 23, 1984 Exhibition
Ron Huebner
Reading by Sam Hamill
May 30, 1984 Reading, Performance
Sam Hamill
Crime: The Stuff that Dreams are Made of
May 14, 1984 Performance
Richard Nigro
Exhibition by Olga Froelich
May 8 — 26, 1984 Exhibition
Olga Froelich
Come Fly with Sonny Day
May 1, 1984 Media Artwork
Fraser Finlayson
Concert by Margaret Fabrizio
Apr 28, 1984 Concert, Performance
Margaret Fabrizio
Street Culture Series
Apr 18, 1984 Screening
Private Acts - Public Symbols
Apr 17 — 28, 1984 Exhibition
A Set of Circumstances
Apr 15, 1984 Performance
Reading by Sharon Thesen and Michael Ondaatje
Apr 15, 1984 Reading, Performance
Michael Ondaatje, Sharon Thesen
In a Drunken Stupor
Apr 13, 1984 Performance
Clive Robertson
Concert by Jean Piché
Apr 12, 1984 Concert, Performance
Jean Piché
Soiree of O
Apr 9, 1984 Performance
Pat Oleszko
Apr 3, 1984 Media Artwork
Margaret Fabrizio
Memorial for Larry Dubin
Apr 1, 1984 Media Artwork
Concert by Pyroglyphics
Apr 1, 1984 Concert, Performance
Concert by Al Neil, Rattles
Mar 24, 1984 Concert, Performance
Carole Itter, Al Neil
Exhibition by Janice Toulouse
Mar 20 — Apr 7, 1984 Exhibition
Janice Toulouse
Piano Mechanics, Speaker Swinging, Tape Pulling, Guitaring
Mar 16, 1984 Concert, Performance
Martin Bartlett, Gordon Monahan
Screenings curated by Maria Insell
Mar 14 — Dec 6, 1984 Screening
Maria Insell
Concert by Babatunde Olatunji
Mar 13, 1984 Concert, Performance
Babatunde Olatunji
La Tête et les Jambes
Mar 12 — 30, 1984 Exhibition
Daniel Dion
Love Novellas
Mar 3, 1984 Performance
Jerri Allyn
Reading by Michael McClure
Mar 2, 1984 Reading, Performance
Michael McClure
Exhibition by Charles Rea
Feb 29 — Mar 17, 1984 Exhibition
Charles Rea
Reading by William Everson
Feb 23, 1984 Reading, Performance
William Everson
Ideas Are Linked
Feb 22, 1984 Performance
Anna Banana, Jurgen Olbrich
Open Reading
Feb 20, 1984 Reading, Performance
Jamil Brownson, Andrew Czink, Annette Hurtig, Mia Johnson, Bob Matthews, Gretchen Perks, Greg Rose, Clemens Rettich, Marlene Swidzinski, Bob Smith, Corinne Sawchuk, Charles Watts
Reading by local authors
Feb 20, 1984 Reading, Performance
Jamil Brownson, Andrew Czink, Ellie Epp, Annette Hurtig, Mia Johnson, Gretchen Perks, Clemens Rettich, Greg Rose, Corinne Sawchuk, Marlene Swidzinski, Bob Smith, Charles Watts
Cinema Series
Feb 12 — 25, 1984 Exhibition
Ross Muirhead
David Thompson University Centre Protest Reading
Feb 11, 1984 Reading, Performance
Colin Browne, George Bowering, Brian Fawcett, Gladys Maria Hindmarch, Lionel Kearns, Daphne Marlatt, Stan Persky, Alicia Priest, Audrey Thomas, Fred Wah
The Canadian Guild
Feb 7 — 27, 1984 Exhibition
Jim Miller
Heroics: Definitions
Jan 31, 1984 Installation
Sara Diamond
Sax Island
Jan 25, 1984 Media Artwork
Hank Bull, Eric Metcalfe
Rock Religion
Jan 25, 1984 Screening, Talk
Dan Graham
Artists Call against U.S. Intervention in Central America
Jan 22, 1984 Screening
Nick Bertoni, John Greyson, Eric Schultz, Mary Anne Yanulis
Exhibition by Peter Daglish
Jan 17 — 27, 1984 Exhibition
Peter Daglish
South of the Border
Jan 10 — 31, 1984 Exhibition
Take Back the Sheets
1984 Media Artwork
Margaret Dragu, Jane Ellison
1984 — 1994 Program
La Plissure du Texte
Dec 8 — 23, 1983 Exhibition
The Negotiating Table
Dec 5, 1983 Installation, Performance
Mona Hatoum
So Much I Want to Say
Dec 4, 1983 Performance, Media Artwork
Mona Hatoum
Wiencouver IV
Dec 4, 1983 Concert, Performance
Robert Adrian X, Brian Bartlett, Hank Bull, Mona Hatoum, David Kelln, Karl Kubaczek, Helmut Stark
Great Moments in Modern Art #2 - Beuys Crashes His Stuka
Nov 29 — Dec 23, 1983 Exhibition
Robert Adrian X
Polyglotte - Tidal Power
Nov 25, 1983 Performance
Don Druick
Nov 21, 1983 Media Artwork, Screening
Paul Wong
In the Dark
Nov 21, 1983 Performance
Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
Plato's Chair
Nov 19, 1983 Performance
Rose English
The Great Learning Part 7
Nov 18, 1983 Performance, Concert
Cornelius Cardew
Solo 2 Trio
Nov 17, 1983 Concert, Performance
Christopher Butterfield, Richard Sacks, Owen Underhill
Audience-Sensitive Electronic Sound Installation as Walking
Nov 15 — 26, 1983 Exhibition
Doug Collinge, Stephen Parkinson
Illuminated Man
Nov 14, 1983 Concert, Performance
John Fonville, Jim Staley, David Weinstein
Concert by Roger Heaton
Nov 12, 1983 Concert, Performance
Roger Heaton
Concert by Patrick Wedd
Nov 9, 1983 Concert, Performance
Patrick Wedd
Music on a Long Thin Wire
Nov 7, 1983 Concert, Installation, Workshop, Performance
Alvin Lucier
Nov 7 — 18, 1983 Program
Sung Paintings
Nov 6, 1983 Concert, Performance
Paul McMahon
A Postcard from Victoria
Oct 31, 1983 Media Artwork
Lorraine Dufour, Robert Morin
Canada Shadows
Oct 31, 1983 Media Artwork
Hank Bull, Martin Bartlett, Canada Shadows, Kate Craig, Glenn Lewis, Patrick Ready
Concert by Cassation Group
Oct 29, 1983 Concert, Performance
Andrew Czink, Clemens Rettich
Celebration: A Benefit for MacLeod's Bookstore
Oct 22, 1983 Reading, Gathering, Performance
Howard Broomfield, George Bowering, Christopher Dewdney, Kevin Davies, Jon Furberg, Brian Fawcett, Gerry Gilbert, Maxine Gadd, Gladys Maria Hindmarch, Lionel Kearns, Bill Little, Dorothy Livesay, Al Mattes, Daphne Marlatt, Stan Persky, Helen Potrebenko, David Phillips, Joe Rosenblatt, Brad Robinson, Gerri Sinclair, George Stanley, Norm Sibum, Peter Trower, Audrey Thomas, Sharon Thesen, Kate Van Dusen, Tom Wayman, Betsy Warland, Carolyne Zonailo, bill bissett
A.R.C. Toronto
Oct 21, 1983 Screening
Edward Mowbray
Exhibition by Zhao Hunggang, Lin Shaozhong, and Lu Xiangyou
Oct 19, 1983 Exhibition
Zhao Hunggang, Lin Shaozhong, Lu Xiangyou
Soap and Water
Oct 14, 1983 Media Artwork
Richard Layzell
Western Front Archaeology
Oct 11 — Nov 5, 1983 Exhibition
WC4 Box '83
Oct 8, 1983 Installation
Sea Sick
Oct 7, 1983 Performance
Tony Labat
Exhibition by Artists' Union Osaka
Sep 5 — 30, 1983 Exhibition
Artists' Union Osaka
Concert by Vinny Golia Quartet
Jun 11, 1983 Concert, Performance
Vinny Golia Quartet
Concert by Bob Bell
Jun 5, 1983 Concert, Performance
Bob Bell
Jun 1, 1983 Performance
EDAM (Experimental Dance and Music)
May 27, 1983 Concert, Performance
Michael Crammer, Eugene Chadbourne
Concert by Joan La Barbara
May 14, 1983 Concert, Workshop, Performance
Joan La Barbara
Group Exhibition
May 11 — 28, 1983 Exhibition
Stan Douglas, Julie Duschenes, Katherine Knight, Jack MacColl
International Festival of Video Art
May 7 — 18, 1983 Program
Michel Bonnemaison, Chris Burden, Norman Cohn, Stuart Marshall, Kō Nakajima, Ulrike Rosenbach
Performance by Stuart Sherman
May 6, 1983 Performance
Stuart Sherman
May 6, 1983 Concert, Performance
Jennifer Mascall, Ernst Reijseger
Improvisations by Ernst Reijseger and Paul Plimley
May 1, 1983 Performance
Paul Plimley, Ernst Reijseger
Concert by Peter Hannan and Arlie Thompson
Apr 15, 1983 Concert, Performance
Peter Hannan, Arlie Thompson
Reading by Sharon Thesen and Phyllis Webb
Apr 13, 1983 Reading, Performance
Sharon Thesen, Phyllis Webb
Changing Scales
Apr 11, 1983 Performance
Sylvie Raymond-Panet
The First Russian Vagabond Reading Room in Canada
Apr 6 — May 6, 1983 Exhibition
Concert by Bill Smith Trio
Apr 1, 1983 Concert, Performance
Bill Smith Trio
Max Dean in Residence
Apr 1 — 30, 1983 Residency
Max Dean
Concert for Cage
Mar 26, 1983 Concert, Performance
Gilt Feelings
Mar 22, 1983 Media Artwork
Judith Doyle, Ondine
Oeufs Fragile / Off Spring
Mar 21, 1983 Performance
Helen Clarke, Jennifer Mascall
Crash Course
Mar 19, 1983 Performance
Beth Lapides
Andy Warhol Films with Ondine Superstar
Mar 17 — 18, 1983 Screening, Talk
Concert by Al Neil with Don Druick, Howard Broomfield, and Martin Bartlett
Mar 11, 1983 Concert, Performance
Howard Broomfield, Martin Bartlett, Don Druick, Carole Itter, Al Neil
Mar 8 — 31, 1983 Exhibition
Al Neil
Performance by Sheila Gostick
Feb 18, 1983 Performance
Sheila Gostick
SFU Computer Music Weekend
Feb 18, 1983 Concert, Performance
Martin Bartlett, Don Buchla
As the Petals Fall
Feb 13, 1983 Media Artwork
Terry Ewasiuk
Workshop by Paul Grant
Feb 12, 1983 Workshop
Paul Grant
Hands On
Feb 12, 1983 Workshop
Sal Ferreras, Russ Hartenberger, Themba-Tana
Concert by E.S.B.
Feb 11, 1983 Concert, Performance
63 Minute Slide Show
Feb 10, 1983 Performance
Alistair McLennan
Front Slopers
Feb 8 — Mar 4, 1983 Exhibition
Bill Burns
Gullible's Travels
Feb 4, 1983 Performance
Leslie Felbain
Lecture and Screening by Robert Randal, Frank Bendinelli, and Terry Ewasiuk
Feb 3, 1983 Screening, Talk
Frank Bendinelli, Terry Ewasiuk, Robert Randal
Jan 11 — 29, 1983 Exhibition
Catherine McLean
Performance and Workshop with Steve Paxton
Jan 7, 1983 Workshop
Steve Paxton
Baby Eyes
1983 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
The Extended Trombone
Dec 29, 1982 Concert, Performance
Barry Webb
Dec 27, 1982 Media Artwork
General Idea
Aka Nada
Dec 17, 1982 Performance
Canada Shadows
Around the World in 24 Hours
Nov 27, 1982 Performance
Robert Adrian X
Sunday Video Tea
Nov 21, 1982 Screening
Howard Fried
Nov 12, 1982 Performance
Judith Doyle
The States
Nov 9 — Dec 4, 1982 Exhibition
Neil Wedman
Cause for Suspicion
Nov 1, 1982 Media Artwork
David Ostrem
Perfect Moments
Oct 28, 1982 Performance
Marty St. James, Anne Wilson
Radio Ghost
Oct 22, 1982 Performance
Victor Coleman, Whitney Smith
Song of the '80s
Oct 14, 1982 Performance
Doug Hall
Orgy on the Bounty
Oct 12 — Nov 5, 1982 Exhibition
Israel Charney
C'est la Video
Oct 6, 1982 Media Artwork
Hank Bull
Concert by Martin Bartlett
Oct 1, 1982 Concert, Performance
Martin Bartlett
Unabashed Heroics
Sep 30, 1982 Media Artwork
Randy Gledhill, Berenicci Hershorn
Why Banana?
Sep 24, 1982 Performance
Anna Banana
Sep 17, 1982 Performance
John Greyson
Faces Front
Sep 14 — Oct 8, 1982 Exhibition
Ken Dollar
That's Tantamation
Sep 14, 1982 Screening
Ken Dollar
Marie Chien Noir
Jun 30, 1982 Media Artwork
Marie Chouinard
Children's Concert
Jun 30, 1982 Concert
Valerie Savannah
Jun 13, 1982 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Tom's Diary, An Art Convention
May 28, 1982 Performance
Tom Graff
Concert by New Orchestra Workshop
May 16, 1982 Concert, Performance
NOW Society Ensemble
Performance by Iris Garland, Laurie Jones, Jorge Holguin, and C. Lee
May 15, 1982 Performance
Iris Garland, Jorge Holguin, Laurie Jones, C. Lee
Concert by Sergio Barroso and Jesse Read
May 7, 1982 Concert, Performance
Sergio Barroso, Jesse Read
Rubbings from the Inside Wall
May 4 — 22, 1982 Exhibition
Diana Kemble, Cheryl Sourkes
Fear of Blue
May 1, 1982 Media Artwork
Tom Dean
Electrophotostatic Productions
Apr 30, 1982 Exhibition
Fred Fitzpatrick
Living Music
Apr 30, 1982 Concert, Performance
Concert by Karen Oliver, Don Druick, Diana Kemble, and Howard Broomfield
Apr 25, 1982 Concert, Performance
Howard Broomfield, Don Druick, Diana Kemble, Karen Oliver
The Techno Primates: In Transition
Apr 23, 1982 Performance
Michael Micheletti, Bob McGinley
Concert by Kenneth Newby and Paul Plimley
Apr 18, 1982 Concert, Performance
Kenneth Newby, Paul Plimley
Apr 17, 1982 Performance
David Keane
Accumulator, Travellers' Tales
Apr 16, 1982 Concert, Performance
Martin Bartlett, Doug Collinge, Dan Scheidt
On Cue in the Grand Lux Ballroom at 9
Apr 8, 1982 Performance
Gerry Gilbert
SFU Experimental Music Weekend
Apr 3 — 4, 1982 Concert, Performance
Anatomy of Melancholy
Apr 2, 1982 Concert, Performance
Rudolf Komorous
Concert by Bill Smith Trio
Apr 1, 1982 Concert, Screening, Performance
Bill Smith Trio
T.V. Translate Waiting
Mar 30, 1982 Media Artwork
Norbert Brunner
Electric Slam
Mar 26, 1982 Concert, Performance
Stuart Dempster, David Mahler
Concert by Don Druick, Paul Plimley, Ken Newby, Eric Wyness
Mar 21, 1982 Concert, Performance
Don Druick, Kenneth Newby, Paul Plimley, Eric Wyness
In the Still of the Night
Mar 20, 1982 Concert, Performance
Howard Broomfield, Lisle Ellis, Carole Itter, Al Neil, Gregg Simpson
Silk Scream
Mar 19, 1982 Exhibition
Fiona McKye, Bill Noye, David Ostrem
500 Photos
Mar 2 — 17, 1982 Exhibition
Jeanette Reinhardt
Concert by Paul Cram and Lisle Ellis
Feb 28, 1982 Concert, Performance
Paul Cram, Lisle Ellis
Concert by Alex Varty
Feb 25, 1982 Concert, Performance
Alex Varty
Angola Guitar
Feb 23, 1982 Concert, Performance
Jacob Pereira Lunghu
Mandala '82
Feb 19, 1982 Media Artwork
Kō Nakajima
F1 Animaker
Feb 19, 1982 Workshop
Kō Nakajima
Concert by Joel Chadabe
Feb 19, 1982 Concert, Performance
Joel Chadabe
Evelyn Roth Environmental Installation
Feb 12, 1982 Performance
Evelyn Roth
Lecture and Screening by Steve McCaffery
Feb 8, 1982 Screening, Talk
Steve McCaffery
Men Inside
Feb 5, 1982 Performance
Eric Bogosian
Joe Haag: Paintings
Feb 2 — 17, 1982 Exhibition
Joe Haag
Performance by Richard Layzell
Jan 22, 1982 Performance
Richard Layzell
Exhibition by Terry Ewasiuk
Jan 5 — 26, 1982 Exhibition
Terry Ewasiuk
Biological Cycle Part 5
1982 Media Artwork
Kō Nakajima
1982 Performance
Peter Bingham, Helen Clarke, Steve Paxton, Lola Ryan
Blue Prints: The Sacred Circuit
Sep 30, 1981 Performance
Richard Purdy
Exhibition by Marian Penner Bancroft
Sep 15 — Nov 2, 1981 Exhibition
Marian Penner Bancroft
Prime Cuts
Sep 5, 1981 Media Artwork
Paul Wong
Stories from the Front (and the Back): A True Blue Romance
Jul 31, 1981 Media Artwork
Vera Frenkel
New Year Dances
May 22, 1981 Performance
Marsha Paludan
The Lund-St. Petri Symph
May 15, 1981 Concert, Performance
Lubomyr Melnyk
Blue Tales in Time
May 9, 1981 Concert, Performance
Paul Cram, Lisle Ellis, Paul Plimley, Gregg Simpson
San Francisco International Video Festival
May 6, 1981 Screening
Kathak Dance Workshop
Apr 27, 1981 Workshop
Antonia Monticelli
New Works by Al Neil
Apr 24, 1981 Concert, Performance
Al Neil
Exhibition by Rose Sleigh
Apr 17 — May 9, 1981 Exhibition
Rose Sleigh
Edited Messages
Apr 15, 1981 Media Artwork
Marcella Bienvenue
Concert by Gunter Christmann and Detlef Schonenberg
Apr 12, 1981 Concert, Performance
Gunter Christmann, Detlef Schonenberg
An Evening of Comic Performance
Apr 3, 1981 Performance
Michael Smith
SFU Electroacoustic Series
Mar 27, 1981 Concert, Performance
Battle of the Bluffs
Mar 26, 1981 Performance
Eleanor Antin
On the Fault Line in the Presence of an Audience
Mar 20 — Apr 11, 1981 Exhibition
Michael Fernandes
Mar 14, 1981 Screening, Performance
Randy Gledhill, Berenicci Hershorn
In Case We Meet
Feb 28, 1981 Media Artwork
Jochen Gerz
SFU Electroacoustic Series - Sweden
Feb 28, 1981 Concert, Performance
Sten Hanson
Roth Rituals
Feb 27, 1981 Performance
Evelyn Roth
It's Just Art
Feb 24, 1981 Performance
Adrian Piper
Concert by Joel Chadabe
Feb 20, 1981 Concert, Performance
Joel Chadabe
Exhibition by John Greer
Feb 20 — Mar 14, 1981 Exhibition
John Greer
SFU Electroacoustic Series
Feb 13, 1981 Concert, Performance
Dutch Light/textual action
Feb 1, 1981 Media Artwork
SFU Electroacoustic Series
Jan 23, 1981 Concert, Performance
Something Else Press and Since: A Lecture by Dick Higgins
Jan 13, 1981 Talk
Dick Higgins
United States Part II
Jan 10, 1981 Performance
Laurie Anderson
Through the Holes
1981 Media Artwork
Elizabeth Vander Zaag
Mounted Propaganda
Jan 1, 1981 Media Artwork
Klaus vom Bruch
Performance by Dancemakers
Nov 22 — 24, 1980 Performance
Carol Anderson, Patricia Fraser
Concert by "e"
Nov 6, 1980 Concert, Performance
Gary Bourgeois, Gina Daniels, Michael Wonderful, Tommy Wong
International Circuit of Electroacoustic Music - Environmental Sound Compositions
Mar 14, 1980 Concert, Performance
Dec 1, 1979 Performance
Mike Haslam
Concert by Contemporary String Quartet
Oct 28, 1979 Concert, Performance
Contemporary String Quartet
Concert by N.A.M.E.
Oct 27, 1979 Concert, Performance
New Art Music Ensemble
Silly Ceremonies
Oct 4, 1979 Performance
The Kipper Kids
Jan 21 — Feb 28, 1979 Exhibition
Patricia Plattner
Meeting Points
Nov 1, 1978 Performance, Media Artwork
Sanja Iveković
Dalibor Martinis Talks to Dalibor Martinis
Oct 27, 1978 Media Artwork
Dalibor Martinis
News From Europe Part I & II
Oct 15, 1978 Media Artwork
Fabio Mauri
Cabaret Voltaire
Apr 15 — May 14, 1978 Program
Michael Dean, Mike Malone, Steve McCaffery, Ted Moses, Steven Smith, Vincent Trasov
Documents from the Theatre of the Actual
Mar 26 — Apr 20, 1978 Exhibition
Hermann Nitsch
Aktion 58
Mar 25, 1978 Media Artwork
Keith Donovan, Richard Hambleton, M. Morozoff, Hermann Nitsch, Mike O'Connell, Peter Schyuff
Interview for the Birds
Oct 13, 1977 Media Artwork
Cioni Carpi
Concert by Virginia Quesada
Oct 12, 1977 Concert, Performance
Virginia Quesada
Reading by Victor Coleman
Oct 10, 1977 Reading, Performance
Victor Coleman
Jul 1, 1977 Media Artwork
The Young Adults
Image Bank Post Card Show
Jun 6, 1977 Exhibition
Image Bank
International Circuit of Electroacoustic Music
1977 — 1980 Program